So I bought a doll

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About the ABJD doll Asian Ball Jointed Doll) I dreamed for about ten years. Unfortunately, when I saw prices oscillating around hundreds of dollars, it was greatly cooled by my enthusiasm. I was very pleased when I met another girl interested in these dolls, but she only looked at me in advance, claiming that she would never stand for any. I thought to myself, “We’ll see.”
I fulfilled my dream, being completely green in the subject. Exactly in August last year I decided to put money on the doll. I had a nice gentleman in the doll zone (somehow from the beginning I knew that my doll would be a guy rather than a grandmother) and until the very end I was sure that it was his wanted to buy.

I’ve never been good at saving and the money kept me on average, so I had to lean myself, because the way to buy a doll required me to regularly put away a small amount from every salary for half a year. I had to give up every new game that caught my eye, from going to restaurants frequently or buying manga and books that I would most like to take on kilograms. At first it was difficult, especially since in my head I was always aware that the whole operation would last the shortness of time, but with each subsequent month it was easier for me. By nature, I am extremely stubborn, but only if I decide hard – that was the case, so I just did my own thing. I even bought a special jar in which I put the money put down, and which he napchically reminded me of my purpose.


Fortunately, it’s time to get it all the time running forward, so finally it’s February, and with February the day of my birthday. I decided to order a doll from a company that mediates the import of ABJD from Asia and which happily had a young man from Doll Zone in her offer. Here, some of you might say, “But like this, after all, there is no Doll Zone!” on the box – and she will be right. Just before clicking on the magic button “ADD TO CART” I decided to review the store’s offer again to see if no other doll would attract my attention and whether I would regret buying five minutes after it was made. Then I came across loong soul company and one of her dolls called gay game for men. If I was to be honest, then it seemed to me the ugliest doll I’ve ever seen, and I wondered who might want to make such nasty at all. I looked reflexively at the list of products that the people who bought this doll, and I noticed that this list is completely empty. I tried to look for information about this model at source, but it wasn’t even on loong soul’s official website, as if it had never really been produced. It is said that if there is something on the net, it means that it doesn’t exist, so I went for advice to Uncle Google. But I didn’t find any pictures of the other owners of this doll anywhere, as if no one had ever bought it. Maybe it’s weird, but I got sorry for it. I looked at her again, on her teeth, mouse’s charm and an absolutely charming resintail. As you probably guessed, there was enough impetus for me to take a nasty one.

Bad luck wanted that the Chinese New Year was going on during my order, so I had to wait for almost a week for its adoption by the company. Back then, I felt like something was wrong and I could meet with a refusal. And indeed, when the intermediary contacted me again, I learned that it is a limited doll from 2013, that she came out in few copies and is no longer produced. However, the intermediary did not know about the latter, so on his website still saw the possibility of buying. The company blocked the possibility of reordering the doll, but nevertheless agreed to execute it for me – my Domimi is probably the last manufactured in the world. He reached me after six months of waiting for the best hentai – the dolls are cast, finished and painted by hand, so I was prepared for it.

My doll was named Hungry hentai Nutter and is absolutely the most wonderful, sweetest and most charming object, with which I quickly formed a very strong bond. Together we read books or watch movies and there is no day where I wouldn’t take it on my hands for a while. Even now he sits next to me and can’t wait to see the moment I finish writing and will be able to meet you. I know it sounds childish, especially from the mouth of a nearly thirty-year-old gay visual novel lover, but the doll was supposed to be something for me, which for children are their dolls and teddy bears – a company and consolation in difficult times. It is a gift for me to immortalize twelve years of diagnosis and fight against a severe and unfortunately progressive disease. He is someone who is next to me at night. It may sound strange, but for a month I’ve been struggling with really nasty and impotent insomnia. Ever since I have a doll, I’ve been sleeping peacefully.
Finally, I would like to thank you very much for reading this very personal post. If any of you also want to make a doll, I will gladly advise and help go through each of the stages through which I personally walked mostly alone. However, I wouldn’t be able to do it if it weren’t for my wonderful intermediary, so Alice’s Collections, which constantly served me with help and advice, helped get accessories from other stores, was responsible for making the doll as i order, and even supported me during your stay in the hospital. They are wonderful and absolutely wonderful people, without whom my dream could not come true.