How to show some love Game Developers – a guide

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Surely each of us has our favorite games. As is not difficult to guess, behind their creation stands a man or most often a group of people who are passionate about games, possess the right skills and want to tell us the stories they create. Sometimes we like certain studios so much that we would most like to send them a container of Wedlow chocolate, but because it is rather impossible (and certainly too much giving in the pocket), our support usually ends only on buying a game or to purchase it. This entry is proof that we can do more, whether our wallet fills the banknote files or shines with emptiness.

1. Increase the reach of their production on Steam!

Steam is the most popular and sometimes the only way to release the game in the West. However, the popularity of this platform makes it both pros and cons. The undoubted downside is the fact that some time ago Steam began to drastically cut coverage to indie game developers (i.e. small, independent studios, often made up of one or just a few people). All because the aaa titles began to escape from the platform, and their place was flooded by a wave of so-called indie crapu, that is, games really weak and glued on the knee, which in other cases would not see the light of day at all. This makes the visibility of good and commandworthy titles significantly reduced. To somehow remedy this, an algorithm has been developed, which unfortunately on average works well in determining which game deserves the green light, and as a result, many creators of good indie titles landed on Zanzibar (fortunately not literally). The effect is almost 80% of the poucinatory ranges!

What does this mean in practice? That while such a small creator once managed to live modestly from the release of games, it is now impossible. Its productions in steam parties practically do not exist. This is especially important in case of Visual Novel graphics, as many developers have decent writers, but struggle with picking up the best possible graphical assets like sprites and backgrounds, which make the game looking refined. No matter how good your story can be, without decent graphics you won’t be able to get interest for your developed game.

2. Share your favorite games with others!

And no, it’s not about ripping them off pirated versions of discs or pendrives. The idea is not to stop the love of a particular game just for yourself. Some time ago I talked to a girl who told me that a certain studio is not interested in promoting his hentai game online. I mentioned some time ago that the Japanese came out until recently and forced them to verify their views very sharply. Cutting out the reach itself is from a marketing point of view an inexcusable error, but it still happens that some creators and publishers underestimate the power of the media. This is the moment when we should wear a Superplayer costume (with mandatory panties on the raiders) and take matters into our own hands. Take a look at the Renpy review posted on eGaymer.

anime game

3. Tell the creators how much we love them! (And we love it, right?)

Let’s not be fooled – the vast majority of VN game developers are sitting in india. For the most part, this means that the production of games takes care of after hours, after returning from its normal work in the office, factory or other studio producing games. They don’t earn millions (or even thousands to be able to completely devote themselves to producing top hentai games), but nevertheless, dedication and enthusiasm could envy them by many more recognized developer. They are the same people as us and believe me that they really enjoy it when they learn that someone has had a good time with their title, or when they see that people are discussing it. Therefore, if any production steals your heart, be sure to let them know. It doesn’t matter if it’s an email (if you have the option) or the review i’ve already mentioned on Steam. The worst thing you can do in this situation is silence. For the creator, there is nothing worse than silence about the title, in which the creation put a lot of heart!

I will honestly admit that I had similar feelings as with the game, Visual Novel called “Always Remember Me” at the climax of the sorcerer’s side, who stated that he sympathizes with the beloved Jihae from the past, which thanks to the rabbit’s decision on will always remain in heaven… or in hell. It is so wrong on so many levels that I can’t even comment on it. Have a nice one!