Sexy heroines of adult games

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Today, an entry in the genre quite unusual, because they are neither a review nor not having too much of hentai as such, yet important and that is the conclusion of the last months of running a blog. Some time ago I bought on some sale in the market quite fathomed light novel with adult manga content. I’ve never been a big fan of the program, but I read the previous hentai manga book and it seemed to me a insanely sympathetic person, so the crumpled autobiography eventually landed in my basket.

Let’s return to the heroine from the beginning of the entry. Whenever I talk to other players about these types of stereotypes, I hear the answer: “But I’m not fat, I have a good job and I have a guy, so that’s all untrue! With such prejudices you have to fight!”. The problem, however, is that such a fight would rather resemble pouring water out of the sinking ship with the help of a filler. Why? Because the power of stereotype is not about his vision, but an attempt to distance himself from it, which in effect really strengthens it. On the one hand, we therefore consider something cruel to speak, and on the other hand we feel good that it does not concern us. Fighting against the stereotype of a lone and unattractive player, we really apologize to our group all players lonely and unattractive. We do exactly the same thing as our groups of people, and at the same time strengthen the stereotype about the phenomenon of compensation. In fact, neither the appearance of the heroine nor her marital status, nor the amount of her earnings have any connection with the fact that she spends her free time playing the hentai. The principle of the presumption of innocence is therefore not only a way to get rid of prejudice, but also a good excuse for dialogue and getting to know someone closer.

Of course, the negative behaviour I cited above concerns a relatively narrow group of people, and I would very not want someone to consider my experiences as the basis for generalizing the whole group. However, I think this example illustrates well what is behind the mechanism of prejudice. Ignorance, lack of self-esteem, complexes, desire to value at the expense of others and prove something are the main components of this bouncy dish. If something trusts us, we should try to figure out why it does and whether the problem is not really in ourselves, even though we would prefer to judge the whole world from the place.


Heroines in hentai games

So what about the popular belief that every stereotype contains a grain of truth within it? Well, we will definitely find among lovers a hundred percent of the women miserable, for whom the game is a consolation in the face of life failures. First, however, there is nothing wrong with this and this should not be a cause for taunts or jokes, and secondly: we should never judge the general public on the basis of individuals’ behavior. It’s one of those mistakes that have a magical property: they were originally supposed to strike with the force of destruction at the people we rated, and in fact they break down on the shoulders of ourselves. When I left the shadows after a few years of shame that I like interactive romances, I found out how many interesting people share my interests. I write “people” because it turned out that the hentai attracts not only school-age girls, but also adult men. That regardless of what is currently on top, well-written stories of love can be a lotion for the soul. And that most often it’s not about idealized handsome guys, but about perseizing with soujim tuberculosis dying, mutilated Iba, warming up by a bonfire on a cloudy night with Hanzo or waking up from coma.


Why do I mention it? Because on a similar basis is built the rest of the heroes. And the principle itself is similar, but it is not the same scheme. For example, Yukimasa had no unhappy childhood and has not experienced any trauma, and yet it’s really memorable character in adult games. His blood lust is congenital – he is simply mentally ill. He is not capable of love, and yet eventually binds to a woman, in addition to a nun. It’s hard to like this character, and I had big problems with it at first, and yet I’ve always been sensitive to the way he behaved towards protagonist and how much he wanted to make her happy.

ecchi games

The best hentai games have really memorable heroines that are not only cute and sexy, but will make a great wife, if they just exist

The author of the game declared war on many popular stereotypes about creating heroes and spectacularly crushing opponents, proving that if the writer knows what he is doing, he can really tell everything. I’m more than sure that if he had presented his ideas for people sitting in the industry, he probably would have heard that his concepts are pound-worth and “that’s not what you write.” That with the protagonist must be equated, and antagonists with all the strength hate that everything must be immersive and that placing in one production so many experienced by the fate of the heroes will weaken the message carried by these experiences. Of course, it is good to know the rules governing the creation of heroes (after all, it is about these principles that this entry treats), but the uncritical holding of dry manual knowledge does not allow you to climb above mediocrity. You could have a longer debate here about whether it’s better to go on the thinnest line of resistance and create games like Girls on Tanks, or better to stay in the indie zone and sell more ambitious stories like The House in Fata Morgana, but in my opinion it’s good the story will always remain in memory for longer.

sexy witch anime girl

Hentai Nymph is the example of a game with cast of cool characters that offer not only their charms, but also quirky personality

So if you’re going to write your own game (or do that) and want to throw a pinch of controversy into your boiler with ideas, do it. I’ll write about creating heroes in the future, but you can treat this note as an overview of the example of well-written heroes and make something for yourself. Really very, we lack well-created characters in hentai games.