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I’m back after the break – admittedly not entirely healthy, but with a game that definitely deserves to have its own series of entries. Meet Hanamaki Ichiko, a young mystery hunter, a cool policeman and a very Nasty, but quite sexy Boss. Welcome!

He is seemingly a completely ordinary high school student. She is a little shy, does not suffer strawberries and tries to think seriously about the future. However, there are two things that distinguish her from other girls: constantly haunting her mysterious dream and the fact that a year ago her older brother went missing in the mountains of the small town of Okunezato. As the holiday approaches, the girl at the request of a childhood friend decides to go there to find any tips that could explain what actually happened then. This friend is -a young athlete who in seism falls in love with our protagonist and is also a member of the club of mystery hunters.

It turns out that it is a place next to which it is difficult to pass indifferently. It is a small town located about an hour’s drive from Tokyo. The charming old town, souvenir shops and proximity to nature make it seem to be the perfect option to rest from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Our heroes, however, are quite quickly convinced that the idyllic vision of the town is just a cover for the tragic events and disturbing mysteries. The local mascot, is the most charming dresser under the sun… just why he walks the streets at night? What are flowers growing around an abandoned temple, giving off a specific sweet smell? Why is entry to some places strictly prohibited? And what is the horror of the owner of a nearby hotel? If we add to this range of misstatements the planned j-pop star concert in the local school, we will receive a story that does not allow us to break away from the monitor.

In the first place, however, we meet other members of the mystery hunters’ club. It is a general, a future hentai games developer outsider and the leader of the club, who decides to stay in hiding. This charming group is quickly joined by other hotel staff: maid and a young receptionist, who allow us to extend their stay in exchange for helping to perform their daily duties. In the meantime, we also meet other inhabitants not necessarily prospering shrine: his despotic owner, mysterious writer, who somehow instead of meadows full of flowers most often immortalizes on a cliché. All these gamers spend pleasant time with him and seems to take full advantage of the sun-filled days. There is also sexy soldier that likes to wage war from her tank hentai. Just like it’s still a battle with sexy girls on their armored columns.

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Hentai games, such as available on Asia Cookie are definitely a nice way to spend your free time with cute waifus.

I must admit that I was very positively surprised by the mystery-filled story line and I was happy to discover more secrets, even if it brought more questions than answers with me. I immediately recalled the great thread and I was constantly wondering what would happen next. The creators made sure that the emotions of the characters were also given to the player and i was always accompanied by a pleasant feeling of uncertainty and slight anxiety, just like watching the thriller – contrary to what you could judge at first glance, this one the color-filled game can be really dark. I wondered how I would react to the hero’s place, and in many cases it would be hard for me to keep my blood cold. I love games that use the suspense theme and I have to admit that it copes with the topic almost daringly. In places I had the impression that I was watching the video and although I was behind the safe screen of the monitor, I felt uncomfortable, firing the game at night. Of course, it would be hard to call it a horror film, but it’s definitely a thrilling story.

However, there is no rose without spikes, and if I were to attach to something, it is the fact that the particular thread does not discover all the secrets and does not answer all the questions posed along the way. I really like when the hero’s path is a closed story and does not leave us with a feeling of insatiable, and the game does not force us to play all threads. Here it is different, but I am able to forgive it, because I understand that something creators need to encourage players to interact with their title as long as possible, and the method of stick and carrots can be effective, especially when this carrot is so sweet.

Another thing that positively distinguishes these adult rpg games is graphics and sound. The game has not only a gorgeous soudntrack, but also the best animated backgrounds of all the visual novels I’ve ever played. Opening, which used the photos, made a very positive impression on me and I am glad that the creators were not afraid to experiment with the convention. It definitely worked out for them for good.

I would also add that the graphics advertising the game may be slightly misleading, as it seems to suggest that there are only two romance options in it. In fact, however, we get a full-fledged otome with five basic paths and two unlockable paths after they are completed, which gives us a really nice result. I chose the character with which we interact ed at the beginning of the game, so Hino. Hino loves basketball and has a unique weakness for everything that is “kawaii” (although he never admits it in front of him). We know how bald horses, we trust each other and we like to spend time together. Of course, the boy from time to time gives us signals that we are more than more for him – we ourselves start to realize that we like him more than a colleague. Nevertheless, the romance thread takes place without much passion and the full proximity of the scenes is relatively few. The hero himself can be liked as much as possible, but in me he did not arouse much emotion – I suspect that it is because of age i just do not like such guys (during the game I constantly caught an eye on the owner of the hotel). It’s a kind of buddy and caring older brother – if someone likes similar climates, he’ll be delighted.