Top Free Online Hentai Games

Check out some of the best hentai games available online that you can play for free. All feature cute girls and lovely waifus in skimpy outfits – and lots of hot scenes with top playability. Girls available below are free to play, and require only making an account, because they’re online browser games. Click the images below go to the main site and navigate to individual titles you want to play. Or maybe you’re interested in gay games? Then check out Yaoi Games available on our sister (or better – brother) site eGaymer.

Kamihime PROJECT R: Hentai Tactical RPG Game

Kamihime Hentai

Ready for the fight in a rich fantasy world, inhabited by dangerous enemies and warrior ladies more than eager to help you on your quest? Try Kamihime Project R, a fantastic free online RPG that is lots of fun and works on PCs and mobiles (including Android and iOS). Tons of special events and campaigns regularly updated. Fully voiced in Japanese, with English subtitles and has fantastic Visual Novel story, though its main strenght lies probably in tactical battles, not to mention H-scenes that are very hot. The girls are lovely here and only you can save the kingdom: and they can offer you their gratitude in the form of souls – and bodies.


Chick Wars: Adult Turn Based Strategy

chick wars

Chick Wars is popular online game available in browser or app that pits teams of hot fantasy girls in tactical battles. If you’ve played Japanese tactical RPGs like Final Fantasy Tactics, Disgaea or Front Mission series, you’ll feel at home.  It’s collectible card game that is a bit similar also to Magic: the Gathering in a way that you’re collecting cards in various rarity: commone, rare, epic and legendary to upgrade them and field against opponents online. Has some Pay to Win components, however everything can be grind if you’re patient. There are several game modes available that will hook you to the screen for a long time, especially if you love card games. Western, comic style artwork, that is very explicit and hot. Good animations too! Includes both battlefield sprites and animated sex scenes. Fun and exciting – if you like tactical JRPGS, you’ll love it!


Märchen Nocturne: Adult Visual Novel RPG with Fights

Become a Lord Magician and save Märchen Nocturne world – mingling with some hot ladies in the process. See the latest Adult Visual Novel/action RPG with hentai scenes, available for free on PCs and mobiles. Charming, a bit oldschool style. Not much in the way big boobs, rather more like silly Reimus and cut waifus that can comfort you anytime. It’s the latest game from the series, finally available in English. Fully voiced in Japanese, including h-scenes that are really lovely.


Taimanin Asagi Battle Arena: Online Game with Sexy Female Ninjas

Taimanin Asagi Battle Arena

Oh man, Taimanin Asagi is a cool online adult game with lenghty VN hentai scenes (no animations though). Seems to be popular and it has PVP mode, possibly because it has been long time around, has plenty of players and it’s really a classic Japanese game, only recently translated to English. You will like it if you’re Taimanin Asagi fan. As the original, this game has definitely some very mature scenes that might not be for everyone. Has quite a bit of tentacles: what else do you need from a good h-game?



Attack on Moe H: Sexy Clicker Inspired by Attack on Titan

giantess sexy


This is casual clicker for casual gamers, that plays itself while you’re away. Lots of fun when playing on the mobiles. Has lighthearted “interactive” ecchi scenes with moe girls, that are not too explicit. If you don’t have that much time to play, try this game, as it plays even when you’re not on the screen, unlocking achievements and h-scenes. Attack on Moe-H is available for free, with microtransactions for faster leveling and gachas. Most casual game from the selection.


Girls on Tanks: Hentai Strategy Game for all Aspiring Generals

girls on tanks

Ride your tank or even better – ride your sexy tanker, with this free online game. Fun, not too complicated tactical gameplay in a modern setting – a welcomed reprieve from fantasy RPG hentai games. Has linear campaign with 80+ missions where you actually command not only tanks, but also infantry, artillery, airforce and special characters. Do you like games similar to World of Tanks or War Thunder or have you watched all the Girls on Tanks episodes? Can you tell teh difference between Stug III G and PzkpfWIV? Then this game is for you. It’s got the western artwork style, unlike anime About 100 officers that would serve you on battlefield and in bed, so you’ll have full hands commanding your forces! 🙂


Sacred Sword Princesses: Embark on Sexy Action-RPG Journey!

Sacred Sword Princesses is another high-budget adult game made by Superhippo. You’ll be commanding girls directly in battles resembling action MMORPGs for mobile phones. More than 50 hours of storyline and counting, as the game is regularly updated with new content and there is a variety of sex scenes (threesome, demons, paizuri – or titfuck), so everyone should find his fetish here. Quite complicated at first, because there is a lot to do in this gatcha title, but it gets easier to grasp once you play it for an hour or two. Has quirky, cute CGs with girls that you can easily fall in love with. 


Harem Heroes: Manga Parody with Cool Storyline (and tons of pretty girls)

sexy harem hentai

This game features cool storyline, with dozens of steaming hot episodes. Has TONS of sexy artwork. More than 150 girls to “collect”, with a lot of anime tropes and parodies of Dragonball, Naruto, One Piece and many more anime that you’ll instantly recognize. The protagonist is an otaku that gets transformed to the manga world where are girls are eager and sexy, though they’re often Tsundere too! (which means crazy, if you’re not an Otaku). It’s really fun game that’s nicely done mix of Visual Novel with light strategy and RPG elements. Initially feels complicated, but good tutorial that will teach you everything you need to know. Play it now to catch all the anime girls!

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