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Released Year : 2008

No of Episodes : 25 (Completed)

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Rating: 8.9/10 (232 votes cast)

Genre : Comedy, Romance, Drama

Plot : Ryuji Takasu lives in a falling down house with his mother, and although being a nice guy is cursed with the evil look of his father causing people to avoid him.Taiga Aisaka is a tiny,self centered and unexpectedly strong girl who lives in a new apartment next to Ryuji but has no idea how to take care of herself.Ryuji looks after her,cooking and cleaning for her and acting as her dog while they both attempt to help each other with their love life.

Our Review : The story is really strong and realistic the characters really stand out, nothing seems out of place or superficial. The amount of content in a single episode and the speed at which the story progresses are simply amazing. here are still some highschool romance conventions here but they're all played well. If you've never seen a romance anime before, I'd start with this one.

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