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Sensitive Pornograph

Sensitive Pornograph

Released Year : 2004

No of Episodes : 1 (Completed)

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Genre : Drama, Romance, Yaoi, Adult

Plot : Featuring two short stories, the first is about two manga-ka with a ten year age difference, Seiji Yamada and Sono Hanasaki and their intimate love life and problems. The second story is about the strange incident that happens to pet-sitter Ueno when he goes to take care of a pet rabbit named Aki, who he finds out is actually a human man.

Our Review : I'm a hardcore Yaoi fan, and I found this to be the best Yaoi anime I ever watched! This entire show is strictly porn, so you'll see the word "sex" a lot in this review. I gave each category a 10! Story: The first part is a love story between two manga artists, and there are three really good sex scenes! The second part is about a guy who happened to get an opportunity to enjoy sex with another guy being held captive. The sex scene was unbelievable! Art: Everything was extremely graphic! You see insertion and actual penises, unlike the other anime that only show invisible penises! Sound: I love the moans throughout the entire show! Character: There's a guy in the first story who is so beautiful and often mistaken for a girl. His boyfriend was kind of childish at one point, but he was always on top. Each character showed passion during their sexy times! Enjoyment: Like I said, this is the best Yaoi and hentai anime I ever watched! I rewatched it at least three times already, and I plan to keep rewatching it! Overall: If you're a "hardcore" Yaoi fan, this anime is for you!

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