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Rumbling Hearts / Kimi ga nozomu eien

Rumbling Hearts / Kimi ga nozomu eien

Released Year : 2003

No of Episodes : 14 (Completed)

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Genre : Drama , Romance

Plot : Rumbling Hearts is a drama and romance anime about the love triangle between three high school friends that is intensified after a tragic accident. Mitsuki Hayase is a talented swimmer at her high school is a prospect to join the Olympic team in the future. She is best friends with Takayuki Narumi, a male classmate, but she also has a deep crush on him. Yet when one of her friends, the shy and timid Haruka Suzumiya, expresses interest in Takayuki, Mitsuki puts aside her own feelings and sets them up on a date. Things are going well for Haruka and Takayuki’s relationship. Even Haruka’s younger sister, Akane Suzumiya, takes a liking to Takayuki and fully supports the couple. However, Mitsuki’s affections for Takayuki never faded. On her birthday, Mitsuki bumps into Takayuki on the street. He is meeting Haruka for a date, but Mitsuki insists that he makes a little time to shop with her. Takayuki buys her an inexpensive ring from a street vendor as a birthday gift, but its importance to Mitsuki far exceeds its price. Events turn for the worst from then on. When Mitsuki and Takayuki reach the place where Haruka is waiting, they find out that she was hit by an out of control car. Haruka is seriously injured and enters into a deep coma. Takayuki is racked with guilt because the accident could have been avoided if he arrived on time for their date instead of shopping with Mitsuki. He enters further into depression when Haruka’s parents refuse to let him visit their comatose daughter. Takayuki’s health begins to degrade and he starts neglecting his school work. Mitsuki neglects her swim training to care for him. Initially, Mitsuki tries to comfort him as a friend but soon her own feelings for him take over and they become lovers. Three years later, Mitsuki and Takayuki are living together. To everyone’s surprise, Haruka wakes up from her coma. However, in her mind time has not advanced since the day of her accident and she still believes she and Takayuki are dating. Fearing the shock of reality will cause Haruka to regress back into a coma; her parents beg Takayuki and Mitsuki to play to their daughter’s fantasy. Takayuki is torn between the girl he once loved and the one he now loves.

Our Review : I didn't know what to expect at first since the cover was that of two high school girls who are named Haruka and Mitsuki. There was so much emotion and thought put into this little 14 episode anime. The anime starts out slow until the accident. Then fast forward three years and that is when the anime just starts to go at full throttle. I had to take a ten minute break between each episode to calm down and think about what had occurred in the previous episode. The ending was one I didn't completely like though they did make a subbed season 2 with an alternate ending. It is a 4 episode OAV called "Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien Next Season" That follows the Girl known as Haruka after she gets realized from the hospital with the guy devoted to her. There are also some ecchi parts which is fanservice going a little far but no actual on screen action. Studio Fantasia made this anime with it being directed by Tetsuya Watanabe who also directed STR.A.IN: Strategic Armored Infantry. with the ova next season put out by a studio called Brain's Base and directed by Hideki Takayama who also directed the OAV "Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend". My opinion of Rumbling Hearts is either 8.5 or 9 out of 10. BY "Brendan Benas"

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