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Released Year : 2004

No of Episodes : 74 (Completed)

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Rating: 8.1/10 (73 votes cast)

Genre : Drama , Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Plot : In 1986, Tenma, a Japanese neurosurgeon in Germany saved a boy who was shot in the head. He did this against the orders of his patron who had wanted him to operate on a politician then. He had done it out of guilt (for not saving a patient earlier in a similar situation). Thus his career sank. Years later, a series of mysterious murders put rise to Tenma's career. Tenma starts to investigate these events.

Our Review : I like this cleverly written show for its addictive storyline and emotionally tense scenes. You must be willing to accept the many ''fillers'' - episodes with as only goal to lengthen the story - but it's well worth too watch through them. Don't let the fact that its anime scare you off. Even if its hard to watch at first you'll get used to it, the story makes up for it. The story is so compelling that once you get into it it's hard to stop watching.

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