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Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing

Released Year : 2000

No of Episodes : 49 (Completed)

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Genre : Action, Sci-Fi

Plot : In the future, humanity has constructed several space colonies. But the corrupt Treize and his organization Oz have manipulated the United Earth Sphere Alliance into controlling earth and its colonies with an iron fist. To counteract this extreme measure, rebel colonies launch Operation: Meteor; an attempt to smuggle Mobile Suits made of Gundanium alloy to earth to combat the corruption and free earth and the colonies from Oz's control. One of these "Gundams" is piloted by Heero Yuy, who is shot down and is forced to blend in to enemy society. Now up against social issues with a girl named Relena and Oz and its puppets, Heero must unite with other rebels and save his people.

Our Review : Gundam Wing is the most popular and most successful of the entire Gundam Series. With cutting-edge Anime animation, stunning action, amazing Mobile Suits, Breathtaking scripts, and some of the most unforgettable characters in Anime History. The characters are likable in their own ways, and it is clear that they represent certain ideals, but the Gundam designs is really where it is at. If you enjoy watching mobile suits fight with unique designs, a plot which does not seem all too far-fetched, then this is a good watch for you.

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