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Released Year : 1999-2000

No of Episodes : 52 (Completed)

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Genre : Adventure, Comedy, Sci-Fi, Shounen, Kodomo

Plot : A boy named Ikki Tenryou, using his Meta bee, participates in Robottles; fights that square off robots, or 'Medarot', against each other. Ikki must also stop the plans of the nefarious "RoboRobo Dan".

Our Review : It was my first official anime. It was a fun concept which i really like. Robots with interchangeable parts you win off people. It is based on some products that are made solely to advertise it and start an addiction to its possible consumers. Most game –based anime are quite lame, with childish scenario and carton characters being just an excuse to shovel us flashy techniques or strategies of the soon-to-follow game. Although this is sort of a scam, at least Medarot has a few jokes up its sleeve and becomes bearable at times.

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