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Medaka Box

Medaka Box

Released Year : 2012

No of Episodes : 24 (Completed)

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Genre : Action, Comedy, Ecchi, Romance,

Plot : When newly elected Student Council President Medaka Kurokami institutes her idea for a suggestion box where people can submit problems that need to be solved, she's expecting things like rescuing lost puppies and giving advice. What she and her best friend Zenkichi find instead, however, are the first hints of an unbelievable secret, and their school, Hakoniwa Academy, and Medaka herself are somehow at the very center of the growing maelstrom! As what seemed like an innocent past time turns into a dangerous game, Medaka and her recruits to the Student Council discover new depths to both themselves and their own unexpected abilities. And then things get really out of control!

Our Review : If you're a fan of comedy and entertainment plus some ecchi elements, then this series is for you. this series is mostly amusing and entertaining and not one of these deep emotional series like Clannad: Afterstory where we cry tears that will fill the Grand Canyon. However, in later episodes, Medaka Box lies the smackdown and delivers some unexpected action that some of us may have not expected. Yes, it still falls under the common cliches and fan-service but at this point, who really cares? Medaka Box is the perfect parody of every anime ever. It manages to do this because it is an anime, and all other anime are anime. If you're interested in this series for its ecchi qualities, it's not even passable in that category. So its just an average anime.

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