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Lovely Complex

Lovely Complex

Released Year : 2007

No of Episodes : 24 (Completed)

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Rating: 8.1/10 (120 votes cast)

Genre : Comedy, Romance

Plot : Risa Koizumi, taller than the average girl, and Atsushi Ootani, shorter than the average guy - their constant bickering and comical love-hate relationship is well-known throughout the school. They act similarly and love the same music, and their friendship is full of laughing, shouting at each other, and of course, lots of jokes about one anther's height. But when Risa notices her feelings for Ootani growing, she's worried. She doesn't know if he can ever see her as more than a friend. With her friends rooting for her, she struggles to make him see how she feels about him, and that a romantic relationship between a tall girl and a short guy can work. Oblivious Ootani doesn't make things easy for her, but she stubbornly perseveres in her own unconventional way, determined for her feelings to get through to him, and finally be returned. If only she could do it without driving herself and everyone else crazy in the process...

Our Review : This anime falls in the romantic comedy category. Finally, this is a really great anime, offering a great simple story, awesome and deep drama, an okay cast, and epic music, even with all this, the final 5-6 episodes really were unnecessary and felt like fillers, which degraded the overall value of this great anime. Could have been better, but is still a great work in the end.

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  1. Oh I loved that manga so much~ ^o^ so cute
    and too true. I love the soundtrack in the anime

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    Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast)

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