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Released Year : 2013

No of Episodes : 12 (Ongoing)

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Rating: 7.8/10 (85 votes cast)

Genre : Comedy, Romance, School

Plot : A school love comedy. Kotoura Haruka is a 15-year-old girl who can read people's minds. She has been suffering from troubles caused by her mind-reading ability, and her parents got divorced as a result. She moves to a new high school but tries to keep away from her classmates. Manabe Yoshihisa, one of her classmates, accepts and appreciates her ability and she begins to interact with her friends with his help.

Our Review : Kotoura-san is a very powerful series that talks about a girl whose memories only consists of being bullied due to being "special". She shuts herself out of the world from everyone around her. She lives like this everyday till one day, Manabe-kun breaks the spell she is confined in. Overall, the drama mixed with comedy makes this show pretty enjoyable. It seems the biggest problem the show is having is the transition from hardcore drama to just plain comedy. I don't find this much of a problem since I think a show that's too serious is just plain boring. But I think nobody can deny the potential this anime has , to become recognized between the anime fans .

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