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High School Of Dead

High School Of Dead

Released Year : 2012

No of Episodes : 12 (Completed)

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Rating: 9.0/10 (175 votes cast)

Genre : Action, Ecchi, Horror, Supernatural

Plot : In Japan, several high school students and a school nurse have banded together to escape Fujimi High School shortly after it was attacked by zombies. The group now attempts to figure who or what was responsible for this plague, and in the meantime, attempt to survive the present apocalypse.

Our Review : Highschool of the Dead is also full of actions and fights, and that′s what brought the anime. Compared to other zombie-themed anime′s, Highschool of the Dead is a lot different, the thing that made Highschool of the Dead different, is it′s mix of suspense thrill and too much fanservice. I enjoyed Highschool of the Dead. Not because it's a good anime, although it's hardly a bad anime either. I had a lot of fun watching it. Highschool of the Dead is an 'enjoyable' anime, if you put in terms of fanservice and ecchiness; but when you put it in terms of actions and zombies. Well, it′s a really different matter. Depending on the watchers on which side they take. I am unsatisfied on the ending, many questions were still left unanswered.

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