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Released Year : 2004

No of Episodes : 26 (Completed)

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Rating: 7.5/10 (26 votes cast)

Genre : Action, Drama, Horror, Supernatural, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Plot : Kei Kurono is a typical high school student in a selfish world, not caring about anyone other than himself. However when, by chance, he was forced to help out his childhood friend, Katou Masaru, rescue a drunkard who fell into subway tracks, both he and Katou were killed... Or not. After being run over by the train, they were suddenly teleported to an enclosed apartment with others who recently died. And now their lives are controlled by a mysterious black ball inside the apartment called GANTZ, and they are forced to participate in a "game" of unprecedented danger and horror.

Our Review : The first Season of Gantz, and indeed most of the second, was really quite a good watch. In fact it was pretty amazing. If it had carried on in that way then it could quite easily have been one of the better anime series by far.It contains a lot of gore and many scenes which will make the viewer cringe however it adds to the interest of the story. The main protagonist, Kurono Kei is a hard character to like however he is very identifiable even if the viewer does not want to admit it. Not a series for the faint hearted, Gantz will have you confused and the ending will leave you wondering why there is not more of it but it is an enjoyable series. Overall, the series was okay.

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