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Released Year : 2011

No of Episodes : 12 (Completed)

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Rating: 9.0/10 (96 votes cast)

Genre : Action, Drama, Ecchi, Martial Arts, Romance, Sci-Fi, Harem

Plot : Earth in the near future has become threatened by other dimensional beings called the NOVA. The only way to defeat these creatures has turned out to be by using genetically altered girls (Pandora's). They are paired up with boys (Limiters) who are granted the ability to undo the freezing effect cast by the NOVA, hence allowing the Pandora's to fight freely against them. Bridget is one such Pandora and is the best in her class, however due to her aphephobia does not have a limiter. Despite all the warnings, Kazuya Aoi decides to be her Limiter and friend.

Our Review : This show has many many lovable girls with great looks and even better body proportions, albeit with a nasty attitude. Yes! This is certainly not for the average female viewers! For a series that is at its core about fighting, the overall action is a bit disappointing. Most of the early fighting is uninteresting and more about tearing apart the girls’ flimsy school uniforms to expose their breasts. If you enjoy exposed nipples and breasts then the world of Freezing should be like heaven to you. Freezing is a unique anime in some ways where it incorporates the genres ecchi, action, romance into some what a more serious anime, though can be comedial at times. I believe that if you crossed Neon Gensis, Claymore and Infinite Stratos you would end up with a solid anime, that keeps on wanting you to watch more.

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