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Released Year : December 26, 2012 to ????

No of Episodes : 1

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Genre : Action,Fantasy,Samurai,Seinen,Supernatural

Plot : Short anime bundled with the 10th and final volume of the Hellsing Ultimate OVAs.

Our Review : First Impression: For those who are fan animes like Fate-Stay Night, Shingeki no Kyouji or of the so called Hellsing, here is a very good series presented you by Hirano Kouta, that it will stun your senses. Be warned that blood, gore and symbolism are well present in this series.

Overall: The story is quite bad at start, but once you get in to it things change drastically. For those who where fans of great animes and stories that involved a World War Clash of Heroes of the past and tails, this one will grasp your attention right away.

Story(1st till 9th Chapter): The story starts with the protagonist, Shimazu Toyohisa from Sengoku era, a strong man, nephew of Shimazu Yoshihiro. That fought his "last battle" bravely and bloody! At some point he found him self surround by a straight forward Hall, with many doors. And a strange "secretary man" that says nothing more then " Next? "
Toyo yells at the man asking for an explanation of why was he brought here out of the air.
Suddenly a window like Portal, shows-up and swallow’s Toyo inside it and brings him to a old new era, where humans try to role over other species(ex: elfs, dworfs, hobbits, etc).
Fully wounded, near death, Toyo is rescued by 2 little boys Elfs that found him in the woods almost lifeless. Due to some lost words spelled by Toyo they assumed he was not a native from that world and there for was called a "DRIFTER".
Meanwhile, attempting to take the unknown "Drifter" to the castle they got surprised for another Drifter, who claims to kill them if any other step is taken upon "its" presence. the Elfs explain the situation in a rush and are forced to leave under fear, leaving Toyo in the cares of this person.
Toyo wakes up all bandaged up and the 1st thing he see's in his front is a person who claims to be the famous Nobunaga. (A "king" like in Japan with a story ending in betrayal a few decades before Toyo's time).
Without knowing where he is or what to do, he immediately decides to rush for an attacked village, where the children Elfs who saved him live, and became a carnage assault on a group of humans who started killing Elfs indiscriminately when the rumour spreads saying that Elfs had aid a Drifter.
Now in this unknown world there are two well known groups (or factions if you so prefer) Drifter and Offscouring. Both of those groups hold a variety of heroes from the past of our actual world that will soon clash.

Art: Its Hirano Kouta's Art, there is nothing to say here.
(If you watched Hellsing's OVA's even better.)

Sound: Perfect like always! They got good picks definitely, will catch your attention.

Enjoyment: Guaranteed

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