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Dragon Ball Z Movie 08: Moetsukiro!! Nessen – Ressen – Chou Gekisen

Dragon Ball Z Movie 08: Moetsukiro!! Nessen – Ressen – Chou Gekisen

Released Year : March 6, 1993 to ????

No of Episodes : 1

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Genre : Adventure,Comedy,Sci-Fi,Shounen

Plot : As Goku investigates the destruction of the Southern Galaxy, Vegeta is taken to be King of the New Planet Vegeta, and to destroy the Legendary Super Saiyan, Brolly. (Source: ANN)

Our Review : While definately not the best movie ever, and probably not even the best Dragon Ball Z movie, movie number eight stands up very well as an enjoyable action movie.
The story, such as it is, ostensibly serves simply to deliver action but what story is there works fine. The movie doesn't drag in any spots too heavily which helps, especially given the movie's short run time. There are some slightly nonsensical bits that you'll just have to suspend your disbelief a little more than usual for. Also, the comedy in the movie is not always funny and doesn't quite add much to the movie. In short, the comedy segments feel shoehorned in a bit and don't really work to the movie's favor. However, such segments are brief and don't totally ruin the movie besides. In its way, this adds the charm of the movie even if it doesn't quite succeed at being funny. The art is successful and pleasant to look at, as much as the series was. Many familiar faces return as well a couple new ones and all look good. The music in this movie is the usual mix of standard Dragon Ball Z fare, which is good, and the music stands up well. Most of the movie is devoid of music altogether, though, which is a little off-putting but not wholly detrimental. The music is good, there just isn't much of it in play here. Despite any faults, the movie is good action-packed fun. It moves along at a healthy clip, there is lots of fighting and such action. The ending is a little anti-climatic of a finish for all the rough fighting that there was, though. This was slightly disappointing in that respect. Overall, a good and fun action movie in the Dragon Ball Z fashion.

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