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Dragon Ball Movie 2: Majinjou no Nemuri Hime

Dragon Ball Movie 2: Majinjou no Nemuri Hime

Released Year : July 18, 1987 to ????

No of Episodes : 1

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Genre : Action,Adventure,Comedy,Sci-Fi,Shounen,Super Power

Plot : Goku and Kuririn are given an assignment by Kame-Sen'nin: "Retrieve the sleeping princess from Lucifer and I will take you as my students." But the mission proves to be more perilous than originally thought. (Source: ANN)

Our Review : After watching the 2010 dub version on youtube I can say this: FINE MOVIE.

The movie occurs in the timeline after goku finished his first jurney for obtaining the 7 dragonballs. Master roshi promises goku to train him when suddenly we meet krillin, who appears on the island and askes roshi to be his pupile. But master roshi won't agree that easily and sends the two boys to resque a princess trapped in a castle.

Goku's dubbed voice finaly actually sounds like a normal boy, the rest of the cast get to keep their normal voices. The movie was a direct sequal to the first movie, and I think it was a little better. As usuall it creates an alternate story to what really happened, but the idea stayed the same.

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