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Dotto Koni-chan

Dotto Koni-chan

Released Year : November 26, 2000 to May 29, 2001

No of Episodes : 26

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Genre : Comedy

Plot : Koni (whose character is based on the famous Sumo-wrestler) and his gang have lots of crazy and incoherent adventures in their town. From fighting with their "Lovely-Teacher" and dealing with Samurai fish, to confirming if "The Armored-Guy's" wife has an affair and saving the world, Koni, High, Moro, Nari and Afro, the Afro-dog, do the craziest and funniest things to have fun. (Source: ANN)

Our Review : First of all, I reccomend to watch this anime if you know Spanish and if you know a little of latin and mexicain culture. I did not watch this anime with subs, so I can't tell you how it was in Japan, but in latin america, when this anime was airied, it was amazing. The dubbing is outstanding and the jokes are extremely funny, sort of like what happened to The Simpsons (Latin dubbing is better than original).

This is one of those comedy animes divided into three segments of 7 minutes, each one with a different story. I can tell you: The first segment is about ordinary life (sitcom), the second is sort of like romantic comedy, and the third is all about parody. There is no main plot, and the main characters don't have a goal per se.

The characters are memorable. Koni, the main protagonist, is a obese twelve-year-old kid, and still, he is the most famous person in the world, the strongest person in the world, and the incarnation of all virtues in history.
High, his buddy, is eccentric, hyperactive, and he starts a fire wherever he is.
Nari, another buddy, is the richest boy in the world, he can buy anything that was, is or will be in this universe.

And there is the moe-sexy-girl, Moro, who is in love of Koni. She is a exhibitionist, causing nosebleed to almost every human but Koni.
There is no Evil Castrating Dark Horrible Powerful antagonist, but what could be the bad guy, is the boss of an organization called The Bad Guys, and he has two sidekicks. He is known for dating the wife of the armed-man, called "Tal Iván", whose name is a pun of the Talibans.

The art is not so amazing but simple: The extras are drawn with cyan and magenta colors, and there is one character that is a purple man with golden sort-of-like glasses.

The BGM of this anime is PERFECT for this anime, I'm still criying I can't found it on the internetz.

Anyways, I don't think you'll enjoy this anime if you are not latin or if you don't know spanish and don't know about mexicain culture. But if you do, like me, you'll find this anime extremely funny, and you can rewatch it forever.

NOTE: This review is based only on the latin-dubbed version. I did not watch it in japanese, but I don't think it was bad in Japan.

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