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Donburi Kazoku

Donburi Kazoku

Released Year : June 9, 2006 to October 10, 2006

No of Episodes : 2

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Genre : Hentai

Plot : Yukiko is a young wife who is feeling lonely and unsatisfied. Her husband Koichi won’t satisfy her needs, and in fact they sleep on separate beds. To add to her frustration Yukiko finds some pictures on her husband’s cell phone – pictures of an unknown naked woman; also one night she sees her two children – who are not related by blood – together in bed. Yukiko spends her time at home trying to satisfy her needs on her own. Until one day the father of her husband comes to visit and sees her in compromising situation. That’s when things in her family start to change… (Source: AniDB)

Our Review : Okay this is my first review so please bare with me!

Well first off if you like mother-daughter, mother-son, mother-(old) stepfather, father-daughter, stepsister-stepbrother, grandpa-grandaughter relationships then this is definitly for you!

Story 8/10- There wasn't much of a story if you ask me, because it's as you already know about a horny mom who's not being satisfied, now that's sort of a turn off if you ask me. Then there's a somewhat rape scene but when you watch it you'll think it won't count. But to be truthfull there are some funny moments for example the ending and the somewhat close to the middle were pretty funny

Art 9/10- I personally think the art fit the characters but i think out of the majority of hentai's i've seen this has the best art

Sound 6/10- I think the voices fit the character but the volume could've been a lot louder and clearer

Character 9/10- I had to give it a nine because of what happens to the mom, dad, grandpa, son, and daughter because all there characters changed and it still fit and the moms character was really good to.

Enjoyment 9/10- There were a lot of scenes were i had to say "Are you stupid?!!!" "Whore, whore, whore,whore." or just bust my ass of laughing which was pretty awkward

Overall-9/10 I think overall it was a great anime ^^

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