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Released Year : March 8, 2002 to June 7, 2002

No of Episodes : 2

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Genre : Hentai

Plot : Kaoru wants Kyoshiro's girlfriend, Tsumugi, for himself. He meets Kyoshiro in a chat room and they make a contract. Kyoshiro and Kaoru will take turns training Tsumugi to be a sex slave, and they'll record their progress on a website. At the deadline, all the site's visitors will vote on which one of them deserves to be Tsumugi's boyfriend. (Source: ANN)

Our Review : This hentai is underrated. The guys who voted it with a 5.5 probably expected to see brainless sex and no character development at all. Too bad; this ain’t the usual flick.

The setting is quite typical; apartments and schools crawling with horny teenagers. The character figures look generic although their body proportions are not slick, shiny and like plastic Barbie dolls all the time, so I got the impression they used motion capture in various occasions. The thing that really stands out is not so much the sex as the artistic overtones. The male characters write lines in blogs in their computer in a way that felt very realistic. And there is a foreshadowing intro of videos, where the future girls mention their experiences with the boys, before going to a flashback and then to a satisfying epilogue. In other words, yes, the sex part was done ok but the thing that really attracted my eye was those said cinematics.

Voice acting is, as usual, average in hentai. Although the soft music tones, in combination with the drama of the characters gave the impression that it does matter to pay attention and feel sympathy or disgust for them. And yes, there is also a lot of sexual talking that does arouse your imagination and spices the sex parts.

Don’t get the wrong idea here. The story and the characters are not awesome. It’s just that seeing character development, a sad story AND a satisfying, solid ending in hentai is a very rare phenomenon. So, I love the fact that we are offered a story with a beginning, a development, a twist and a bittersweet ending. In no less than an hour that is. The story is quite simple and may even not be considered a story by some. A guy likes his neighbor girl but goes for a girl that fancies him. The neighbor girl also likes him but becomes the erotic slave of a bully and is too afraid to tell the truth. The two males even upload pictures of them having sex with the girls. Then, the ending comes and… not going to spoil it. It is quite good I tell you. The characters have distinctive personalities and become different people by the end of the series. And having that video clip as a foreshadowing hook and as an explanatory epilogue really did the trick. It is a hentai with sex AND story AND character development. What more to ask?

Sure, it was very interesting for a good watch. The cinematics, the sad story, the bittersweet ending… oh, yes, the sex too… If you are a person who wants more than bimbos being raped until they want to be raped some more, and males screwing everything that moves without remorse, than watch this.

The accused has guilts and really regretted being just a sex fiend. Thus, the court finds his NOT GUILTY!

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