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Released Year : October 7, 1994 to December 23, 1994

No of Episodes : 12

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Genre : Comedy,Romance,Sci-Fi

Plot : Karin, a DNA operator from the future, is on a mission to change the course of History by stopping Junta Momonari from becoming the Mega-Playboy who fathered 100 children and led to the overpopulation of the world. But Junta is no playboy; in fact he is allergic to girls. But when Karin shoots him with the wrong DNA-altering bullet, he starts sporadically becoming the Mega-Playboy capable of charming any woman. Karin must try to restore the situation to normal before the change to Mega-Playboy becomes irreversible. (Source: ANN)

Our Review : DNA^2,

The story is a bit odd, but is pretty good and is like any harem anime, silly but good enough. This anime lacks a lot and I have to say it really does shame the manga. This anime is very rushed and most plotlines are skipped, however it does have it's moments and the anime can be just one big joke. It's funny from time to time, also wierd, but it's not to bad.

For when this was made the art is definitely top notch.

Soundtrack is good nothing special. Japanese voices are good but english dub sucks.

Character's are good, main character is the highlight of the show and really makes it what it is. Some characters just make me want to laugh, not in a good way.

Why did I like this anime?
I'm torn on this anime, they completely messed up the anime and rushed it so fast it turned out to be borderline bad. I don't know if the production crew didn't have enough funding, or if they blew it all on the animation from Madhouse studios, but it puts the manga to shame. However it is kinda good due to the characters, they are the reason this anime is arguably good.

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