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Discode: Ijou Seiai

Discode: Ijou Seiai

Released Year : August 13, 2004 to May 27, 2005

No of Episodes : 3

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Genre : Hentai

Plot : Based on a game by Courreges Futaba is a high school girl who has a strong sexual desire and she plays with herself at any place and anytime However, she has a dark secret that no one knows... (Source: AnimeNfo)

Our Review : Once in a while, when I finish a hentai, I'll just sit there, staring at my screen, thinking, "What the heck did I just watch?!" My watch-through of Discode was definitely one of those times, although I think a large part of that reaction was due to the ending, which is either some sort of dialectical masterpiece or just a total middle-finger to all those with an optimistic view on human nature and/or relationships. I'll leave that discussion for later, and first address the technical merits of this fine futanari work.

Overall, I think the art is pretty sharp, with bright color schemes and attractive body types of the slim variety (when compared to other hentai, where breast sizes approach the truly absurd). The facial designs have a few stylistic quirks to them, in that the faces lack noses most of the time, and the eyes have a strange, Code-Geass-esque liquidity to them. The whole of the main character design aesthetic seems to be somewhat cutesy. I say somewhat, because there's a vibe that is so very un-cutesy to this whole thing. In terms of animation, it is pretty mediocre outside of the sex scenes, but the sex itself is quite varied and fluid, not to mention pretty darn hot, with lots of dripping and arching in the throes of passion, which is all a big plus, assuming you're into this sort of thing (futanari) at all. I saw Discode censored, so I can't comment on the explicit detail, but the sex cinematography is pretty kinky, so the uncensored art is probably appropriately explicit. Yummy.

The sound is competently done, with all the right moaning and panting during and immediately after sex. The soundtrack itself is on the eerie side, which I suppose is fitting. There's not a whole lot else to comment on. What I mean is that I wasn't paying that much attention. So sue me. Oh, and be prepared to hear a lifetime's worth of "Gaman dekinai!"

By which I mean character. A tough topic for hentai, since it tends to be devoid thereof. The characters do their jobs, so to speak, in that their personalities don't scream discontinuity. The characters have sex a lot, and it seems to flow pretty naturally, so I guess they're fine for a piece meant to titillate.

We've got three main characters: Futaba, our cute, shy, nymphomaniacal, dick-girl lead; Kyouko, our cute, short-haired, outgoing, manipulative, nymphomaniacal supporting lady; and Kagekiyo, our cute, blandly righteous male lead and primary love interest. One might argue that the character interaction is rather interesting, in that we see the cumulative effects of sexual manipulation play themselves out on various archetypes. I'm a bit skeptical of such deeper analysis. Discode is hentai, after all, and this show, in particular, is pretty clearly just meant to arouse.

***************(Minor Spoilers May Follow)**********************
This is where I talk about the story or lack thereof, for those who can't figure out my severe-boredom-induced section headers. In Discode, we follow our unusually endowed heroine (Futaba) as her equipment and strong sexual urges are discovered and manipulated by her frighteningly interested junior (Kyouko). We also watch Kyouko herself and her sexual desires and escapades, as well as watch the budding romance between Futaba and male lead Kagekiyo. Then everything goes plummeting off a cliff in the last five minutes or so, as we bear witness to the full extent to which Kyouko has considered Futaba to be nothing more than a new sex toy, more-or-less destroying Futaba's life in the process.

Most of the story is simply constructed in order to lead from one sex scene to another, which is not a huge problem, since the sex is very hot. However, the story could also be interpreted to focus on Futaba's journey of self-discovery as she begins to accept her penis and her nymphomaniacal tendencies and finds a few people who accept her as she is, despite her peculiarities. It is perhaps this perspective that makes the ending so infuriating. Basically, the last half of the last episode is an exercise in breaking the cutie. This is just depressing, as the end of the first half of the episode focuses on her success in finding someone who accepts her, and is actually very, very uplifting (especially considering how messed up the rest of her sex life has been). Granted, the cutie-breaking is partially telegraphed (there's obviously something amiss, uh, more than usual), but it still feels weird and uncomfortable.
***************(No More Spoilers Yo)**********************

The ending may be a warning about letting our sexual desires rule us. It may be a statement that no human is a saint, no matter what we may mistakenly believe, and that happiness is an illusion. Or it may just be a twisted outcome that isn't meant for deeper thought. In any case, it's rather unsettling. Unless you really like orgies, and I mean REALLY like orgies, you might consider quitting watching the show after the happy sex is done.

Speaking of sex, Discode has a variety of sex: there's exhibitionism; there's typical hentai pseudo-rape; there's more-or-less consensual sex; and there's happy consensual sex. There's masturbation, oral sex, inner-thigh sex, anal sex, and vaginal sex; there's lesbian sex and heterosexual sex. A large portion of the sex is of the more-or-less consensual variety, mostly involving Kyouko pressing herself on a not-so-unwilling Futaba. Personally, my favorite is the happy sex near the end of the first half of episode 3, which is disappointingly rare in hentai, and HOT happy sex is even rarer. All of the sex is quite well-animated, so there is cause for much rejoicing.

Overall, I enjoyed Discode a fair bit, but the eerie, manipulative tone and the unsettling ending make it fall shy of excellence. I would have liked a happier ending, in which case I might have forgiven the tonal discomfort as serving to make the happy ending more potent. As it stands, Discode's main enjoyment factor is in the hot sex with cute characters. Oh, and with a dick-girl, of course.

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