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Dirty Pair OVA

Dirty Pair OVA

Released Year : December 21, 1987 to April 21, 1988

No of Episodes : 10

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Genre : Action,Adventure,Comedy,Sci-Fi,Space

Plot : Set in the future Kei and Yuri are Trouble Consultants for The 3WA. Code Named "Lovely Angels", but, they are known throughout the galaxy as The Dirty Pair. They always solve their case, but, not without causing collateral damage and mayhem. (Source: ANN)

Our Review : Enjoyment: For me this was an ok series about 2 female agents and it was just ok nothing much to hang out or much over the top. But all in all i think it is up to each viewer and what he or she likes (that is most likely in all series i guess so).

Art: The art was typical 80' - 90's art style if you looking for fine arts it is not for you but if you like some old school action with a little poor but ok arts i think you would like it.

Characters: The 2 female agents the series are based on you can like them pretty well but you don't get much back story around them so you got to like them for what they do in each episode i guess. For me they was ok and good enough.

Story: As for the story it's not bad but not that good either couse what i mentioned earlyeryou don't get to much story it is episodes with a new adventure each time and that is ok with me. You get a good load of action each time so. And we can say that this is i think for the younger audience, not any blood or bad language. I saw it was some longer series about Dirty Pair so maybe you get some more story there i don't know.

So all in all you get the action you maybe want to see, not very adult content so very good for the children. I think that most children would love it.

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