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Dirty Pair: Bouryaku no 005-bin

Dirty Pair: Bouryaku no 005-bin

Released Year : January 25, 1990 to ????

No of Episodes : 1

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Genre : Action,Adventure,Comedy,Police,Sci-Fi

Plot : It's Chief Gooley's worst nightmare come true. The Lovely Angels are back on the job, but this time the 3WA's Central Computer has assigned them two cases at the same time: investigate a space liner explosion in which three hundred people died, but no one`s come forward to claim any insurance money; and find a missing scientist and his family. Could the two cases be connected? Only the Central Computer knows and it's not talking. So it's up the Dirty Pair to get down and dirty and solve the puzzle before time runs out for a grieving grandfather, his family and the universe! (Source: AniDB)

Our Review : I can't say I loved this particular installment in the franchise. While it had the action (and property damage) that I've come to expect, it was far too dark and serious to be worth re-watching. Also, the OVA spent far too much time getting Kei and Yuri into place to advance the plot along. Overall, though, the animation was decent (for 1990, anyway.), and the original voice actors came back for this one.

Taking everything into consideration, I'd rate this a 6/10. As I mentioned, too dark and serious to merit rewatching. As much as I like Dirty Pair, this was likely the low point for the franchise. At least, before Dirty Pair Flash. Makes me wonder what to expect from Affair of Nolandia...

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