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Digimon Savers the Movie: Kyuukyoku Power! Burst Mode Hatsudou!!

Digimon Savers the Movie: Kyuukyoku Power! Burst Mode Hatsudou!!

Released Year : December 9, 2006 to ????

No of Episodes : 1

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Genre : Action,Adventure,Comedy,Fantasy,Shounen

Plot : The human world has been attacked by an unknown force. Using poisoned thorns, it has put all humans to sleep. Agumon, Gaomon and Lalamon are the only ones left to defeat this enemy. Guided by Rhythm, a young girl they saved, they learn that their enemy is called Argomon. But what can the three digimon do, when they can't even evolve. (Source: ANN)

Our Review : Digimon films have a weird habit of being called films despite having double episode length. However, most of the still manage to have some sort of plot, cool action, interesting new characters or act simply as a reminder of how awesome the Digimon season was. This is where the Savers film probably surprises fans. Unlike the usual double episode we got single episode “film” and, even more surprisingly, less characters than in original season. Why the creators did that is completely beyond me.

Evil Digimon attacks and seals all humans. So the Digimon have to release them and defeat him. Sounds nice at first, right? We can see Digimon used to help from humans do something on their own. Of course, let’s not forget that one of the biggest charms of Digimon, evolution, is gone. So, we’re left with rookies fighting all Digimon. Still sounds nice since they’ll have to use some strategy. What if their strategy is run as fast and far as you can and leaving team members behind? Still looks interesting? In that case you’ll freaking love this film because that’s where the plot and characters end. Oh, there’s also tons of cliché and meaningful talks all around. Just go along with it if you want to enjoy it. This is about as pointless and cliché 20 minutes full of plot devices as can be.

Savers art. Nothing else. They didn’t even try to do something spectacular or different.

Totally memorable stuff. Just don’t ask me to name something. I don’t even remember the opening or ending. If there were any.

Just our four main Digimon and a mysterious girl. If you really want some mystery in this, don’t think. Because the second you do, all mystery will be lost. The mysterious girl plays a very important role in this film. She’s the most colourful thing in the world, so they have to preserve her to fly her into the sun. No, not really, she’s just a colourful bush to drag along, I just needed to write something here. There’s really nothing else.

If this category was called “boredom” I would rate it 11/10. Throughout the whole thing, I was wondering why the hell they did this. Was it to punish fans and laugh at them? Was it to milk? Was it to show off character design that was scrapped (she really doesn’t serve any other purpose)? I really have no idea. This has no story to tell, no deep meaning, no character development, the interesting setting is completely butchered and if you think about it, you’ll know the end before it even starts.

Overall: 4/10
I’m very biased about rating Digimon. Being longtime fan, it doesn’t matter how bad they are, I can’t rate them lower than 4 since that’s the line of my “hate” rating. So, it leaves with “overrating” because if this were any other universe than Digimon, it wouldn’t get higher than 3 on my scale.

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