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Digimon Frontier: Ornismon Fukkatsu!!

Digimon Frontier: Ornismon Fukkatsu!!

Released Year : July 20, 2002 to ????

No of Episodes : 1

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Genre : Adventure,Comedy,Drama,Fantasy,Shounen

Plot : The five digi-destined children stumble upon an ancient island inhabited by two different types of digimon; The Beast types, and the Human types. When they see two young digimon-a beast and humanoid-have become friends, they decide something must be done about the feud. (Source: ANN)

Our Review : Wow, this is an old story type used for centuries in story's and fairy tales.
Our adventure's get into a certain city, were two kinds of Digimon live, the Beast type and the Human type, both have been in a feud for years. They blame each other for it.

Of course our heroes gets mixed up in it, those 3 join the humans and those three the beasts, but they quickly find Digimon who haven't been busy with the feud, they're friends with each other, both sides end the feud, our he...roes reunite en become friends again, but then a greater evil appears and everyone has to work together. Just a basic ol' story type.

There wasn't much of a introduction to this movie, that's too bad. The art is like is supposed to be, the same style as the Digimon Frontier series, the sounds good, a lot of fun voice actors who worked on this movie (for the Digimon). The characters are good too, Takuya and Kouji are fighting like always, just like that the other characters are the same as in the series. Good sound, nice quality, normal animation.

If you liked Digimon Frontier, or one of the early seasons (1 or 2) this movie is recommended, it gives a vibe which is used on the first two and the fourth season, and the movies that belong to those season. Highly enjoyable for a Digimon lover, but for the other anime watchers, teenagers/adult or kids, this is a anime movie that stays fun to watch.

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