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Digimon Adventure 02: Diablomon no Gyakushuu

Digimon Adventure 02: Diablomon no Gyakushuu

Released Year : March 3, 2001 to ????

No of Episodes : 1

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Genre : Adventure,Comedy,Drama,Kids,Sci-Fi

Plot : After the events of 02, everything is finally getting back to normal. That is, until a strangely familiar icon starts showing up on computer systems around the Japan. And not just computer systems... TVs, mobile phones, video games; anything with a screen with online capabilities. And this icon seems to be looking for somone... Yagami Taichi, and Ishida Yamato, who defeated it several years before. Yes, it turns out that this jellyfish digimon is in fact Diablomon, the Virus-type Digimon that was defeated in the second movie. But this time, he's learned to make himself physical, and is sending thousands of copies of himself into the real world. Koushiro and Ken devise a plan to rid the world of the virus once and for all, but it'll take the help of all the Destined, past and present. Once again, it's a race against time to put a stop to Diablomon's plot... but even that is cloaked in shadow. Will the revival of Omagamon be enough to stop Diablomon a second time, or will the millions of copies prove enough of a power boost to shrug off the "Digimon Champion of Justice"? Of course, he hasn't seen the new breed of Chosen, nor the new techniques. It's a fight to the finish, with the destruction of Tokyo resting on the line. (Source: AniDB)

Our Review : Story: this is basically sequel to the 2nd digimon movie Bokura no War game
Story: Diaboromo returns and is trying to get to the real world.
Art: The art is good, like most digimon movies its a lot better then the art in the anime. Its darker and is better detailed
Sound: It has good music most are from the anime
Character: Like the anime i can only say i like the original digidestined simply because all of the 02 characters are annoying and unlike the original digidestined they dont develop and are not relatable. If you watched the anime you already know why
Employment: not a big reason to see this since it doesnt offer that much, its only a big battle between omnimon & imperialdramon vs Armageddemon. I wont say its bad. But it isnt that interesting unlike other digimon movies you wont really remember this one
Overall: Its Good but only for digimon fans

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