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Di Gi Charat Christmas Special

Di Gi Charat Christmas Special

Released Year : December 1, 2000 to ????

No of Episodes : 1

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Genre : Comedy

Plot : The Christmas Special aired in December 2000 and featured Piyoko again attempting to capture Dejiko by inviting all the characters on a cruise. (Source: Wikipedia)

Our Review : Di Gi Charat Christmas Special was a 20-minute episode loosely based around the Christmas theme; present giving. I actually enjoyed this 1 episode more than the other specials and the 16-ep original series.

Not too sure why but here goes:
This special tried to include all the characters, both main and minor, into 1 story. Which worked of course as it is a Christmas-theme episode AND each character had their fair share of lines and time. There are plenty of humorous scenes and many clashes between Dejiko and Piyoko who are the real rivals of the series. There was even a short fight between them two that involved explosions, eye lasers, mouth bazookas and a bit of evasive maneuvering. That was really fun to watch.

The animations has slightly improved and the backgrounds are also slightly more detailed (yet they are still cheaply-drawn). The characters are drawn the same, so they still look a bit sloppy yet detailed. The OP music is fitting but not that enjoyable while the ED is a Christmas-themed song sang by the 3 characters Dejiko, Puchiko and Rabien Rose. Enjoyable at the very least.

This special alone highlights the pros of the anime series: cuteness, fun and laughter. If you watch this, you won't be disappointed pyo~

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