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Detective Conan Movie 03: The Last Wizard of the Century

Detective Conan Movie 03: The Last Wizard of the Century

Released Year : April 17, 1999 to ????

No of Episodes : 1

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Genre : Adventure,Mystery

Plot : Kaitou Kid announces to the police that he intends to steal the Russian Imperial Easter Egg, which is currently being held in Osaka. As Conan pursues his rival, he discovers that there's more to this case then simply stopping a robbery. (Source: ANN)

Our Review : Story: 8

At first the story starts off getting to the real point of the whole thing. Kito Kid is in this, and he is a magician, so he must of course be the Last Wizard of the Century, which is the title of the movie, no? I mean, it is three years away from the change of the century to two thousand when this is movie is made. This might be something that one might want to keep in mind to the end.

The ideas and the concepts in the movie run through in a way that one might think one thing at the begining and be possibly blinded by them, but as one gets furthur along in the movie and more historical facts are revealed to the audience, one becomes less and less mystified and begin to put the facts together. The information presented about hte Russian tzar and his family is fairly accurate from what I can tell.

Art: 9

As always, Detective Conan's animation is good, expessully for the time frame that it comes from. And some of the details on things, like the egg that Sonoko's family owns are amazingly detailed. I would go more into this, but the one problem is, if I do... I'll give away a story line that is really good and that isn't the point of a review.

Sound: 10

The musical score for the soundtrack reminds me of the soundtrack for the Disney Movie Anastasia. It was released two years after Disney released it's movie, so it is an actual possibility that one movie may have influenced this movie. That really is up to you the viewer to decide, not me.

Character: 9

We get to see the unprofessional acting cops who are after Kito again, which is histarical, though they don't play as big of a humor role in this. In fact, there are a lot of characters that rather show up in this movie, the cast isn't limited. Also, not only is this a Kito Kid movie, it gives depth into the theif magician's character.

Enjoyment: 8

At first I was, for the first ten to twenty mintutes, not exactly thrilled with the movie. Most of the good stuff happens later on. Then again, Detective Conan movies are some of the few that will actually go and give a synopsis of what has happened so far for him, which might have been part of my problem, as I kind of feel that I know that allready.

I am a major fan of the history and mystery surrounding the tzar's family and their deaths. So when I found, or more of figured that this played a good role in this movie, I was thrilled. And I might admit... biased because of it. From the historical point of view, they handled the historical facts quite well.

Overall: 9

If you are a fan of Detective Conan, or of the tzars story, this is worth the watch of someone to watch, whether it is only one or not. It is put together in a way that is craftmanship.

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