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Detective Conan Movie 01: The Timed Skyscraper

Detective Conan Movie 01: The Timed Skyscraper

Released Year : April 19, 1997 to ????

No of Episodes : 1

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Genre : Adventure,Mystery

Plot : Taking the original story of Detective Conan, this first Conan film follows his adventures as he struggles to find and capture a mad bomber who's loose in his home town. Chasing bomb after bomb, Conan must stop him before he destroys a skyscraper in the middle of the city, which has the potential to cause millions of dollars in damage and kill hundreds. Who's planting the bombs? What are his motives? Gather clues with Conan and find out!

Our Review : The first movie of the Detective Conan series.

Let me fill you in on the story, Conan (Shinichi) has to find a mad bomber, who's been setting fire to buildings and blowing up other things. Bomb after bomb, Conan finds his way to the criminal, but there's always a parting gift from the villian's.

The story is pretty basic, but it's enjoyable, it's well organized and done pretty simple, yet impressive, the "final touch" was brilliant. Expect some here. It suprised me at least.

The art is very good, it's the same ol' Conan style, yet it's been animated pretty good, hope this will be getting better with each movie.

We still have the same ol' cast, introduced with 2 new characters, the villian and a police officer, the characters that are always in Conan are still the same, so good. Mouri's desperate love for Ran was done pretty well to if I have to say it. The villian is this bad-ass rich ugly person, which is almost standard, the meaning behind his terroristic attacks are unbelievable stupid, but maybe it's just the way "they" (the job he performs) think. The police officer is cool too, pretty plain guy, but he's not the guy he seems to be.

Overall a good sound, though I give it a lower point since I still don't agree on Det.Mouri's voice-actor.

Highly enjoyable movie, if you like or if you don't like Conan. Beautifully animated, good simple story, well organized and good dialogue's.

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