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Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko

Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko

Released Year : April 15, 2011 to July 1, 2011

No of Episodes : 12

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Genre : Comedy,Sci-Fi,Seinen,Slice of Life

Plot : The story revolves around a highschool boy named Niwa Makoto. He lives with his aunt's family since his parents are away on business. It is there where he meets his mysterious cousin of the same age Touwa Erio — who happens to tie a futon mattress around her upper body and is a self-proclaimed alien. Her staple food is pizza. Erio had been missing for half a year and was found floating in the sea. She doesn't remember anything about what happened during that period of time, but she began to think that it was the act of an alien and wanders the neighbourhood wrapped in the futon. (Source: AniDB)

Our Review : A really casual one, it was a totally random choice, but I don't regret it though. So what's it about? It may not have an incredible climax and everything... Instead, this anime focuses more upon reflection. It's simple: just take a teenager who wants to enjoy his high school years to the max and add an odd girl to whom he begins devoting his time, in order to get her back to real life.

Makoto's first time in a big city made him create big expectations about how his life would be from now on. He wanted to meet girls, spend time with them and even maybe fall in love, afterall, that's what being an young boy is all about. Meeting Erio was the first step from this new journey. Having met his "energetic" aunt, Meme, and after her, Maekawa and Ryuko, most episodes are dedicated into showing his relationship growing with all of them.

Still, that's not all... Believing he would be able to change Erio's attitude and put an end to her self-isolation from society, Makoto becomes her only true friend... Making her forget all this "alien stuff" and the past she couldn't remember, trying to get her to be more sociable and stop hiding from everyone... This also affects Makoto, as he gets more self-confident.

Art impressed me... Glowing style, slow-mo scenes and fluid animation, despite not having much action, overally amazing! I think OP theme could've been better and the ED song is so sweet and calm... Characters have nothing really special in particular. Most of them are ordinary people with different personalities. Both Ryuko's and Erio's shyness attracted me... Besides that, they're so cute and lovely! Also, voices chosen for both of them match perfectly!

Never give up and believing in yourself, just two of the many lessons we can learn from this anime... Nobody comes to this world for no reason and, since we don't understand the real purpose of life, all we can do is live, make it worthy... Taking the best we can from our youth years and making every moment count, Denpa Onna was really made to change the way some people think about their own lives, to encourage those on enjoying it the best they can... That's so deep...

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