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Dareka no Manazashi

Dareka no Manazashi

Released Year : February 10, 2013 to ????

No of Episodes : 1

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Genre : Drama,Slice of Life

Plot : Short anime film by Makoto Shinkai screened at the Nomura Real Estate Group's "Proud Box Kanshasai" home living exposition, which ran February 10–11, 2013, at the Tokyo International Forum.

Our Review : How many advertisements like this have been far beyond? Nowadays, an advertisement is purely commercial, and some even try to deceive, but this one is uncommon type.
Like any commercial, is short (not that much yet). Was taken by influential director Makoto Shinkai and displayed by Nomura Real Estate Group during Proud Box Kanshasai, an exhibition that occurred in February.

The quality of the animation, for those who know the previous works of Shinkai, was predictably well-made. And the soundtrack is pleasant to the piano sound.

The characters are briefly presented like a ordinary family with a cat in a not so distant future. But the mother is an absent person, who works overseas. The father take care of a cat while the daughter works and lives elsewhere.

Dareka no Manazashi (“Someone's Gaze“), is about independence and loss. In a little over six and a half minutes, a whole life history is summarized and focused on the experiences of the main character: A person who has begun to live on their own.

I liked it... The story is heartbreaking but so short that I could not get much appreciation.

So do not expect little due to length and not much as a whole. But surely have pizzazz.

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