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Released Year : October 25, 2003 to January 25, 2004

No of Episodes : 2

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Genre : Hentai

Plot : Based on a game by Alice Soft. Two large countries, Leben and Carnea, had been ruled by the kings who were men of character, and people in these countries had been living peacefully. However, Leben suddenly intruded into Carnea, and the two countries began to war. The even fights had continued for more than six months, but when the king of Carnea died of illness, gradually Leben got the better of Carnea. In these days, a man in a black suit visited Carnea. He had been a vice leader of the Carnea Knights, Claude, who had suddenly disappeared eight years before. His appearance had changed completely, and that made them suspicious. But when he said he had a plan to beat Leben, they gave their ears to him. He said that they would hire experienced mercenary solders, and that the queen and princesses would sell their bodies to earn money. The queen and her daughter accepted his plan, and they began to take his "lessons". (Source: AnimeNFO)

Our Review : Well I found it to be a very good revenge title which was not very violent and which had a interisting way of telling the story as cloud was the narrator and the main character.Also it is a very much a hardcore hentai anime which has more profanity in the dub than the original but the voice overs are very good and syncronised with the characters vocal actions .

pros of this H anime are.
1.voice overs are on time with the characters to watch and see what will the revenge be if you could even call it revenge.
3.not very violent for a vengence hentai which is nice for a change.
4.a master of art and skilled graphics.

cons of this H anime are.
1.watery plot which goes till the finish with a cliff hanger and plot holes.
2.can make you think what is the point of this anime is if there is any point to it.

contence report
violence. 2/5. less than most mature anime you would see now-a-days ie.gantz or elfen lied.
sex/nudity. 5/5. everything is shown in explicit detail and is quite adventerous if you know what I mean.
language. 5/5. Very heavy on sexual slang words with sware words aswell (dub version).
profanity. sub 3/5.dub 5/5. well as I said in the rest of the contence report you should get the idea.

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