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D.C. III: Da Capo III

D.C. III: Da Capo III

Released Year : 2013

No of Episodes : 13 (Ongoing)

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Rating: 6.2/10 (46 votes cast)

Genre : Drama, Ecchi, Romance, School

Plot : Hatsune-jima is an island formed from a dormant volcano and is known for its cherry trees that bloom out of season. Some people believe that one of the trees is capable of granting any wish. The newspaper club has been challenged by the unofficial newspaper club as to who can write the better story that investigates the supernatural. Kiyotaka and the five cute girls of the newspaper club take up the challenge, but the girls have more on their minds than just the story.

Our Review : It starts of with a decent mystery to the story. The Story is pretty good, about the newspaper club competition, between the Official and the Unofficial newspaper club, so far, they just showing the main Story, there's a couple things connected between the older season, i actually don't get that much since i didn't watch the older seasonHowever that aspect is almost completely disregarded after the first episode, and becomes pretty much a one on one of the main guy protagonist and his girl lover candidates. If you want to watch something that is calm with light drama then this is an anime for you plus it got lots of nudity so beware of that.

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