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Comic Party

Comic Party

Released Year : April 2, 2001 to June 25, 2001

No of Episodes : 13

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Genre : Comedy,Drama

Plot : Destiny or delusion? It's a hilarious rollercoaster of laughter and confusion when Taishi, the ultimate otaku, drags his friend Kazuki into the swirling world of ambition, hatred, and love - the world of fan comics! Poor clueless Kazuki must sink or swim when he's dumped straight into the middle of a massive comic convention. Lost amidst hoards of buyers, sellers, and cosplayers, Kazuki is about to be baptized by fire, all in order to lead him toward his true calling: to take over the world through fan comics! Meanwhile, Kazuki's childhood friend Mizuki isn't about to let him be dragged from his normal life without a fight! But will she be able to stop the addictive draw of the new world that lies before Kazuki? Little by little, Kazuki is slipping down the path towards destiny - and Taishi is shoving him every step of the way! (Source: RightStuf)

Our Review : Comic Party. If you've watched Doujin Work before, then this is pretty much the same premise. Basically, it's about a group of friends/acquaintances and their journey through drawing, printing and selling of their very own doujinshi (parodies of others' works or original comics).

The story is simple and fun to watch. It's basically a slice of life with minimal plot twists. Kazuki is introduced into the doujinshi community and the show depicts his growth. It does really well in that aspect, but don't go in expecting anything too complex or outrageous. It does provide some insight on how events work in Japan though.

The art style isn't anything too special, but it isn't bad either. It remains constant throughout the series. Since there aren't much action scenes, don't expect the art too be too explosive either.

The soundtrack is pretty standard fare for slice-of-life shows. It helps to improve the mood in different situations, but is not very special or noticable. Opening and ending songs are J-pop, so you might find those enjoyable.

The characters are where this series focus is on. Each of them comes with their own personality whether introverted or quirky. (Especially Taishi, who loves Engrish very, very much, as you will see) The development is well spread although the main characters do receive much more than the supporting ones, though it is to be expected. The relationships are also not blown out of proportion, and are what you'd expect to find between friends in real life.

I feel that this series was pretty enjoyable to watch. It's always fun to watch a work of fiction about creating works of fiction, as there aren't too many of this genre. Don't expect too much going in and you may find yourself liking it more than you thought you would.

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