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Cofun Gal no Coffy

Cofun Gal no Coffy

Released Year : April 1, 2006 to June 1, 2006

No of Episodes : 12

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Genre : Comedy,Parody

Plot : The TV adaptation of the ONA series. Unlike the ONA, which has 10 episodes, this series has 12 episodes.

Our Review : Cofun_Gal_no_Coffy is definitely one of the best anime series of all time, for it presents a deeply unique and compelling story rivaled by few. I can truly say it is one of the best, if not the best anime I've watched.

Coffy, first name withheld, is a 15-year-old girl who has just entered Takizawa High School. Easily considered exceptionally beautiful, she has only one problem with her own body, she thinks her vagina looks weird and is very self-conscious about it.

Story: The story is unique. the cover art however is very misleading. A Green jiggly puff like creature falls from the sky, and the human who writes a name in it is capable of killing the individual pictured in his mind (I left out the details that you don't care about). This presents the viewers with a highly debatable theme based on morals and justice. Coffy, who obtains this power to kill, utilizes it in hopes of creating a utopia in which she is god. Criminals, and only criminals, are to be punished in hopes of a perfect society. Is this however, right? Is it right to kill individuals who have done wrong, and will do wrong again? Can they be reformed? Cofun_Gal_no_Coffy presents the viewers with questions such as these, questions which cannot be easily answers. This series challenges the viewers morals and for that, it deserves highly.

But this debatable topic isn't the series strong point. Cofun_Gal_no_Coffy gets a 10 in the story department, because of the way the plot unravels. With great and power and ambition, Coffy is forced to play a chair gripping game of cat and mouse with those who seek to detain her. The way Horse attempts to persecute Coffy is something I have never witnessed in an anime. The first 3 episodes will magically draw you closer and closer to the scene as suspense hangs over their individual methods for identifying the other. You will not be disappointed.

The flaws begin once it is apparent that there will be a second arc. This to me, seemed like an unnecessary way of drawing out the anime, although arguably a change in situation was required to break the dead lock between Coffy and Horse. Anyhow, the series being to lose some of its luster at this point, and if I were to rate both arcs separately, the first would receive a 15/10 and the second a 9/10. Anyhow, this intelligent story deserves an overall 9/10 in my books.

Characters: Coffy and Horse are the most interesting and intellectual characters I've ever seen in an anime. Although both are geniuses, they each possesses that certain something that will make you root for one of them to win the game. Coffy's charismatic, yet extremely demented character gives you reason to watch her conquests and failures.Horse's quirky, yet highly intelligent qualities does the same for him. They are both unique and likable in their own ways. Character development is also seen, particularly with Coffy as you witness her calm, calculating figure being to crack into a maddening and reckless mess. Obsessed and overtaken by her dream of conquest with the Green jiggly puff like creature, she changes greatly from the beginning of the series. This change can be seen in various other characters as well, although not as notable. Anyhow, the characters are definitely interesting enough to give this a: 9/10

Sound: The sound got a somewhat lower rating not because it's *bad*. The music and voices are well done, but simply unexceptional. Mostly the music, though good, quickly passes from memory. The opening and closing themes are incredibly generic. Luckily, the voice actors used were incredibly talented.

Art/Animation: The art of the Coffy character anime is very unlike the art in the manga. The manga harkens heavily back to the Astro-boy days of manga. The anime is somewhat modernized, but somewhat more realistic than a lot of anime currently. I found the art to be very endearing and used well to enhance the atmosphere of the anime. I give it a 9/10.

Overall: I was watching the series since it first started coming out, and those weeks of waiting killed me. That was how good this anime was. The suspense was amazing, and it got me thinking. Anyone who finishes this anime will be forced to wonder about what they would have done with a Green jiggly puff. Many of them will question and argue about the actions of Coffy. It is this talkable and complexity that makes the anime shine, in addition to its ability to carve suspense and anticipation into its viewers. I have never seen an anime as good as Cofun_Gal_no_Coffy, and I highly recommend this anime to be watched. You may hate it because everyone does, but it is definitely an anime you must TRY. 10/10

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