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Chuu Bra!!

Chuu Bra!!

Released Year : January 4, 2010 to March 22, 2010

No of Episodes : 12

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Genre : Comedy,Ecchi,School

Plot : The story centers on Nayu, a middle school girl who shocks her schoolmates on the first day of school by wearing black lace panties. She likes this kind of underwear, and she tries to "spread the word on the merits of [these kinds of] underwear" via an underwear club with her schoolmates, who are worried about their bodies' development and which underwear to choose. (Source: ANN)

Our Review : I originally watched this show because the synopsis for it seemed absolutely ridiculous, but surprisingly enough it was good for a lot more than just cheap laughs. After reading other people's opinion on it, it made me very sad how few people really understand this anime.

The target audience is in fact not horny young men attracted to 2D girls. It isn't even ecchi. It is targeted to everyone with an open mind.

The message this show is trying to get across is that underwear is a lot more than just eye-candy for men.
It portrays painfully well what the state of the world is for underwear and how people can't shake off the belief that it is something shameful, something to hide and talk about only in secrecy -- which is a pity, because, as this show proves, there is a lot to be said there, and the designs are worth admiring.

While the anime is lacking in visuals, sound and unique characters (except Nayu), many of the problems it deals with no anime to my knowledge has dealt with before.

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