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Released Year : October 25, 1997 to ????

No of Episodes : 1

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Genre : Hentai

Plot : Wicked Trio 1 - The Affair It's a rainy night in Tokyo, and our "Man" receives oral pleasure from his "Girl" while parked in the hotel garage. In the elevator, "Man" digitally stimulates the "Girl" until she's begging for more. When they finally arrive at their hotel room, more is what she gets, maybe even more than she bargained on! Wicked Trio 2 - Lust In Space While an androgynous youth battles a monster, another creature attempts to "have his way" with his female companion. After disposing of the threat, the crystal on his chest transforms the youth into the damsel's sister! But his young horny psyche is not ready to be denied! Wicked Trio 3 - S'extra Credit A nubile Redhead drives to her boyfriend's condo; he's not at home, but his college tutor, a "professor", is. Red seduces the young teacher, and in the midst of their tryst, Boyfriend arrives home. Believe it or not, he's not upset and in fact joins in. Will the "professor" enjoy her new lifestyle?

Our Review : Okay, this'll be brief and to the point.

Obviously this is hentai, and typically you'd watch hentai, because it hits on a few of your fetishes, not for the dialog, story, characters, etc... It feels like someone forgot to tell that to the folks who made this....

Checking the handy H Genre List, you see that this show contains: -anal sex -bondage -bukkake -dark skin -double penetration -enemas -fantasy -furries -incest -large breasts -nakadashi -older women -paizuri -piercings -public sex/nudity -teachers -tentacles -transformation -tribadism -watersports -yuri.

While I may not be a fan of watersports, a large number of those other categories were fairly tempting. So now you know why I ended up watching this thing.

Scene 1:
I skipped past the fairly vanilla first portion, (because like I said, it was vanilla, and it also happened to be the portion containing the watersports), though what portions I did see of it, were fairly decently animated, with okay art. The dubbed voice acting was far worse than any abomination I've seen 4kids pull, from what little I heard of it, while skipping through. Overall, this first portion might have been worth a 3 or 4 overall, assuming the original voice work was better than the dubbed version, that is.

Scene 2: This was the portion that caught my interest, and led to my being suckered into wasting my time with this anime. I was promised things like: Furry, tentacles, transformation (girl to guy, and back again), fantasy, large breasts, etc. While all these things were technically present, they really end up being ignored... Most of the entire segment are still frames being moved about and voiced, cheesy sound effects. When it comes time to move into the actual "action" of the scene, most of it ends up being more still frames, and half of them are of the character's faces...

Scene 3: By this point, the my main reason for wanting to watch this show, at all, was gone. So I ended up just stopping there...

Overall, if you like vanilla sex, with some watersports, enemas, cheating, terrible voice acting, and such, you might enjoy the first third of this anime. If you were thinking you'll find some hopefully passable depictions of some of the more deviant stuff, particularly from the second third of the show, then don't even bother.
Sure most hentai is relatively poor overall, but this was so bad, it was literally not watchable in my opinion... The only reason I don't mark it a 1 in my review, is because the first scene is halfway not a piece of excrement...
So yes, overall, a 2.

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