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Chrno Crusade

Chrno Crusade

Released Year : November 24, 2003 to June 10, 2004

No of Episodes : 24

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Genre : Action,Demons,Romance,Supernatural

Plot : The year is 1928 A.D. The place is New York, U.S.A. The economic prosperity brought forth after the Great War also heightened the presence of something far darker and much more sinister: the demonic Sinners. The Magdalene Order is an organization that tries to counter this force. Two of its exorcists are Rosette Christopher and her assistant, Chrono. Both appear out of place in an organization like this, and they are in a quest to find Rosette's missing brother, Joshua. Their relationships, secrets and fates can only be revealed in time... (Source: ANN)

Our Review : Reviewer’s Brief Notables: I know that most people often don’t trust or are a little skeptical about a Perfect 10 review, but that is, without any exaggeration, how I feel about Chrno Crusade.

I first watched Chrno Crusade without any expectations for it whatsoever. After completing the first episode (weeks before I completed the series), I wasn’t really fascinated with it at all. For the time, I just thought this anime was pretty generic and somewhat dull.

I was wrong.
After a few weeks, I was led to completing the series. To make the most general and the most appropriate statement: It was captivating! The story behind Chrno Crusade is very intricate with numerous characters, subplots and details. The story is brilliantly put together with no holes in the story and also a very complete ending (sniffles). Chrno Crusade is full of action, comedy and romance; the key ingredients of a great production. The general plot is nothing unordinary and is usually played out as other anime have, but there is just something about this anime that I thought really set this one apart from the others. Unfortunately, I am unsure of the reason myself; or am not able to explain it in words. As you watch Chrno Crusade, I am sure you will understand what I mean. –and I apologize for the slightly unclear story briefing.


As for the art in Chrno Crusade, it would have to say that it is brilliant! The art gave me a very strong sense of familiarity. The animation is very similar to many series’ such as Full Metal Panic and Kaze no Stigma because they’re from the same animators. The kind of animation that Gonzo offers is my all time favorite. Everything is greatly detailed accurate lighting and shading. Skin tones look very natural and give the characters physical depth (they don’t look so 2-demensional), and best of all, the character’s eyes aren’t the size of my monitor. In the series, there are barely any CG and most of the time, it’s very unnoticeable.


Most of the time, I prefer subtitles over dubbing because usually the English voice actors talk like they’ve been deprived from their souls; emotionless and doubtable. In the case of Chrno Crusade, I very much enjoyed the English dubbing. One, because the voice actor for Rosette talked very fast and her pitch was very high (much like Excel from Excel Saga). Second, because my favorite English seiyuu, Hilary Haag (Teletha “Tessa” Testarossa from Full Metal Panic) was acting for Rosette. And lastly, because the series is set in America it would make more sense for it to be in English. The dubbing included uses of slang back in the late 1920’s which was when the series takes place. As for the opening song, it was very enjoyable and blended well with the opening animation that also suited the anime flawlessly. And the ending song…well, quickly became one of my favorites (it is actually playing on repeat as I write this review). Entitled “Sayonara Solitaire”, the song expresses feelings of sadness, loneliness and hope. The animation for the ending was beautiful too. The ambience of the ripples gave an awkward feeling of loneliness and at the end of the credits; the animation showed the watch that Rosette bore as a drop of water ran down from it while the ending song was closing with a small string orchestra. Having thought of that drop was a tear and by the knowledge of what that watch really represented in addition to the sad music made it easy for the viewer to cry. That short section at the end also gave a hint of foreshadowing that was just even sadder to accept. SAD but not depressing; which is all I can say.


What I thought while watching Chrno Crusade was that the real essence of this series were the characters. Character development is a strongpoint in this anime and the process of it takes on most of the series itself. Each character is unique in their own way; even for the supporting characters. They all have their own personality and individuality. That effort from the producers made a real difference for me. The cast in Chrno Crusade are all affable; even the villain. Rosette (awkwardly) reminds me of Naruto. They are optimistic, earnest, hard-working, and both have the drive and potential to reach their ambitions. Rosette was just so lively and full of energy which made watching the series more or less pleasant. Chrono is depicted to be a very modest, kind and selfless character though he is a devil. Rosette and Chrono’s relationship are like of best friends if not more. They are both very close to each other, not hesitating a second to protect one another. Their partnering gives off such a deep feeling of fulfillment in your heart. They are both lovable and enjoyable to watch which makes the ending of the series even more melancholic.


Chrno Crusade has quickly and easily made it into my top anime list. At first, as I’ve stated, I wasn’t really fascinated with it. Until a few weeks later, I found myself completing the whole series in less than a day. Every episode was captivating as I watched one right after another. There were a few episodes where it felt as if it were a filler, but I thought it was good to have a few fillers here and there to take a break from the story. Character development was not something I expected from Chrno Crusade, but it turned out to be my favorite point of the series. The rating I gave for Chrno Crusade went from an Eight out of Ten to a Ten out of Ten during the last two episodes. These two episodes are notorious for making viewers cry. Honestly, I cried for about 10 minutes straight; coming from a guy who hasn’t cried like that in over 5 years. The last episode had such an astounding impact and because of that, Chrno Crusade had earned the right to be on my favorites. This series has been very memorable and also very rewatchable. It is PERFECT.


I recommend anyone to watch Chrno Crusade. From the average otaku to an early anime watcher, you can’t go wrong with this series. If you plan to watch it, at least watch the first 3 episodes. Do not do the same mistake I have and nearly dropped it on the first episode; which I deeply regret doing. Give it a try.

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