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Chounouryoku Shoujo Barabanba

Chounouryoku Shoujo Barabanba

Released Year : June 21, 1985 to ????

No of Episodes : 1

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Genre : Hentai

Plot : One of the first OVA format adult anime. Based in the 1984 manga Barabanba by Go Nagai. (Source: AniDB)

Our Review : Ok, time for a test of nerves. This title is amongst the first hentai ever made into anime form. And guess what! Even hentai have gone a long way since they were invented. You thought they were just sex, tentacles and sluts with no variety? Just try to watch this one and think twice.

ART & SOUND SECTION: 3 [Devilman with huge boobs!]
If you appreciate retro titles and corny midi music, you may like the way everything looks and sounds. Being a Go Nagai production, it is close to the level of the original Devilman series. I don’t know about you but I personaly find 70’s character figures to be awfully simplistic, with dried up voice acting and pointless action scenes. Meaning, I didn’t like them at all. Nothing to see here.

STORY & CHARACTER SECTION: 2 [Barbarela in anime!]

They didn’t fool me. The idea is stolen from Barbarela , a very old and famous erotic European comic book. A teenage gangster finds a sexy chick, which is hunted by space monsters. For some vague reason, saving her and screwing her is the same in here, so all action is a weird mix of sex and explosions.

Since it lasts only one episode, don’t expect any great story or characters. They are all terribly one-dimensional and clished. Plus, they look ugly! Even the plot makes no sence (first a gang rape and them an alien invasion in a mansion full of horny women?).

It will feel more like a cheesy space adventure rather than porn, as there is no eye-candy at all and everything is presented in a sci-fi instead of an erotic manner. Seriously, what the hell does a funny mascot animal doing next to green, non-tentacle monsters?

It was neither arousing as porn, nor it was interesting as a space adventure. Animation and sound suck big time. Story and characters aren’t there.

I now appreciate a lot more all those hentai titles I found lukewarm.

The deprived, sexual and violent Go Nagai Productions. For me, his Shameless School manga is his best work.

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