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Chiisana Pengin: Lolo no Bouken

Chiisana Pengin: Lolo no Bouken

Released Year : January 1, 1986 to ????

No of Episodes : 3

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Genre : Adventure,Drama,Fantasy,Slice of Life

Plot : Scamper is a penguin who loves to explore. With his friend Snowflake, he has wonderful adventures. They dicover together the wonders of thier world from a puppy called Cowboy and his owner a Scientist whom is studing the Antarctic enviorment. They also discover that not everything in their world is friendly when they get stranded far from home. Yet with luck and the brave Scamper in the lead anything can happen. (Source: ANN)

Our Review : I´ve only seen the German one... so i don´t know all the english names of the characters ^^... but i´ll do my best ;D...

Scamprs Mom and Dad were iving i an village full of penguins... some Seagulls attack the village and wanted to eat the eggs (one of them was Scamper)...
Some of them could stay healthy... some were catched by the gulls...
Later, Scamper and the other children were going to school... they learn how to slip on snow and ice and how to run... after some days scamper runs away and learns a dog named Cowboy and they become friends... some days later again he runs away again... but this time he takes his girlfriend from the village with him... her name is (in german version) Rosalie...they both flew on the water, bcause scamper wants to fly from a cliff... they both couldn´t swin because they were too young and the feathers weren´t strong enough... so the glit on a ice floe far into the ocean...

from this point on i would say: stop reading xD... because it´s the starting of the Big Adventure!! watch yourself ;)

for all other who wants to read :
after many days they met an big ship... but this one was filled with evil sailors which wants to sell the penguin children to an zoo... at the ship they met an other penguin named Lui... they become friends and try to get out of the cases fromthe sailors... a dog named Jack keeped watch on them... after a lot of tryings, scamper and rosalie got the lock of the case and rescued Lui, too...
they were at least on the anchor of the ship and couldn´t get away... but then Jack the dog help out with a lifebuoy... they got on a ice floe again and learns to swim... cause the feathers were now strong enough to help for the ccold water... the three could also now get some food... later some blue whales came and took them with until their home... the people of the village were very happy that the childs were get back... and Lui got after some time away, to search his own family... Scamper was getting the next and new leader of the village and the movie ot an nice end...^^

My mind of the film:
It´s a very very cute film with some different graphics ^^...
but i you have watched untill the scene with the big ship, you won´t stop anymore ^^...
one thing i don´t like at the ending, was that they don´t show what´s happening with Rosalie.... do they two marry like in much other films?? Or do they just be friends like they were as children... well... i think the first guess is right ^^...
I wish you a lot of fun with the movie and enjoy it ^^...IT'S CUTE!!!

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