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Chibi Kero: Kerobouru no Himitsu!?

Chibi Kero: Kerobouru no Himitsu!?

Released Year : March 17, 2007 to ????

No of Episodes : 1

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Genre : Comedy

Plot : A young Keroro tries to impress Pururu by showing off the Kero Ball, a ball borrowed by Giroro from his brother Garuru. While testing the buttons, he accidentally transports the 4 tadpoles inside the ball. To get out, they must win the pinball maze. In the outside world, a young blue tadpole Kururu picks up the ball and hears the cries of help. He makes a deal to free those trapped inside if he gets a plate of curry rice. A deal is a deal and with the Kero Ball, a plate of curry rice is produced for Kururu. Unfortunately, the plate grows bigger and bigger and bigger. It got so big, that Kururu was immersed in the curry. The yellow curry slowly transforms the blue Kururu into the "yellow devil" and as the film is about to fade into black, "Kukuku" is heard. (Summary found on

Our Review : Once again we get a Keroro episode with the characters as children, and it is still as boring as ever. The 3D Animation is really cheap and a disgrace to cel-shading, as well as the animation sucks. There is no impressive movements and the characters moves like robots. The story is really weak and most likely just done on the fly, as the animators at Sunrise already has a really tight schedule.

Just like the former "Keroro kids" episodes, these are really childish and most likely meant for small kids. There is no innuendo, no suggestive themes, no language and no cartoon violence like the original TV show. It's like watching an episode of Dora the Explorer, if it wasn't educational. The voices are really great like always though and the characters DO act natural. But this short episode does not impress at all.

I wold not recommend this to anyone. It's boring, cheap and childish. It has nothing that made Keroro as famous among all demographics as it is today. No otaku jokes, pop culture references or smooth animation. The background music is more annoying than anything. This is a disgrace to the Keroro series.

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