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Chance Pop Session

Chance Pop Session

Released Year : May 21, 2001 to August 27, 2001

No of Episodes : 13

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Genre : Drama,Music

Plot : This anime is based on a 1999 radio drama about three very different girls: Akari, Yuki and Nozomi; going to see the concert of top pop idol Reika and by going to see this concert their lives are greatly influenced by it. Akari was raised in a very religious background, she is bright and cheerful and a big Reika fan. Yuki is an independent girl who ran away from her home in Hakodate. She is working in the concert hall of Reika's performance. Nozomi is the daughter from a wealthy family in Kobe. She's got one of the VIP seats at the concert. The three girls are so inspired by Reika's performance, that they all enroll in the Akiba music school and endeavor to become pop idols themselves. (Source: AnimeNfo)

Our Review : Since this title just recently got a re-release I figured I'd give it a watch. It was very much worth my time. The story is good for the most part. Its just as the other reviewer said. Everyone should know how the story will play out ahead of time. Luckly, the way that it does is entertaining enough.

The art on the other hand...Is barely serviceable I thought this show was made in the late 90's and then I come to learn it was actually 2001? How is this possible? Why don't music shows by Madhouse productions get good art. I found myself fast forwarding through some of the poor clips.

The sound is what you'd expect from a music show. The songs are small doses. If you don't like the opening song of this anime, don't watch it. They sing it atleast twice an episode. When some other songs come into the mix its a breathe of fresh air. Its not that its a bad song, just over played. The other musical selections are very good its just they're not played nearly as often.

The characters are great. Sure they seem common, but I just felt there was something special about how the characters interacted. There wasn't a character that came into the screen that felt fake.

I really did enjoy this show overall. It does have its points where it goes off track and you wish they'd play another song. The show has great characters and the way it plays out is a lot of fun. It was sports one of the more satisfying endings I've seen in an Anime. If you get a Chance, give Chance Pop Session a try. You might find yourself singing 'Pure Blue' in the shower. Or in the Car. Or in the workplace. Or....

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