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CB Chara Go Nagai World

CB Chara Go Nagai World

Released Year : February 21, 1991 to June 27, 1991

No of Episodes : 3

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Genre : Parody

Plot : Various characters from Go Nagai works including Devil Man, Mazinger, and Violence Jack, become trapped in a parody world where they all be come super deformed. They get trapped in this mishmash, fighting each other and are trying to figure a way back to their own world.

Our Review : What we have here is a real gem. In the same sort of style as the original SD Gundam OVAs, CB chara Go Nagai World merges the worlds of Devilman and Mazinger Z and trap them in a sort of chibi world. While it almost always keeps a light hearted tone, you never feel like your watching something for kids. The story is a bit weird but since its just a Chibi parity, it actually works pretty well. If your a Devilman or Mazinger Z fan you should definitely check this out, as the jokes will mean all that much more if your a fan of either series.

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