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Released Year : October 24, 2013 to ????

No of Episodes : 7

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Genre : Comedy,Fantasy,Slice of Life

Plot : In a city filled with anthropomorphic cat-people, Catman lives free of rules and boundaries, doing everything he wants, which often collides with the other inhabitants of the city. Catman dares to be bold: it’s made in Flash, which is rarely seen nowadays; there are no spoken dialogue but instead is subbed in Japanese and English and has a original soundtrack made in purpose for the series.

Our Review : Catman is a pretty entertaining and quick watch since all of the episodes are less than 3 minutes, counting the credits.

The whole series is kind of presented like its shown from a very old movie reel: the picture is very flashy and there are dark blotches that show up in random spots. So people who get headaches easily from flashing images might want to avoid the show.

The thing that stood out for me was the soundtrack. It's very lively and upbeat, and sound effects and animation are chosen to entwine into the music, which sounds really great.

The animation itself is pretty unique. The actual characters (all of them cat people) have minimal animation and coloring, not very many features and simple shading. The backgrounds are pretty simple too. What stands out is the mundane objects the main character interacts with are so much more detailed and animated them he himself. What comes to mind is the glass of alcohol, the slots machine and the cigarettes from the second episode. They all have much more detail and depth to them.

I think its a style that really works but others might be irritated by how the characters move.

The entire series, all 7 episodes, is just barely over 20 minutes long. If you have the time its worth watching at least a few episodes.

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