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Carnival Phantasm

Carnival Phantasm

Released Year : August 14, 2011 to December 31, 2011

No of Episodes : 12

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Genre : Comedy,Parody,Supernatural

Plot : Carnival Phantasm is an adaption of the manga "Take Moon" by Type-Moon's Eri Takenashi, to celebrate Type-Moon's 10th Anniversary. Carnival Phantasm shows parodies and new stories loosely based on Type-Moon's original works like Melty Blood, Fate/Stay Night, Tsukihime, and more.

Our Review : As a gigantic Type-Moon fan, I recognize that this review may be a bit biased. Indeed, if you aren't familiar with any of the characters in Fate stay/night or Tsukihime, or the universe both stories take place in (aptly named the "Nasuverse" by fans after the author, Kinoko Nasu), then don't expect to enjoy it nearly as much as I did. On the other hand, if you are familiar with anything Type-Moon, then prepare for the best parody series in recent memory. In short, your knowledge of Type-Moon lore is directly proportional to the amount of enjoyment you will get out of this series. And for me, it's a perfect 10.

As I understand, this anime is based off the Take-Moon manga created by Eri Takanashi, whom you may know best as the creator of the relatively popular series Kannagi. If you've been introduced to Kannagi and its offbeat brand of humor, then you might know what to expect...or do you? The fact is, Carnival Phantasm's humor is way more polished and wacky than Kannagi, and that's coming from someone who considers himself a fan of both. It's clear just by viewing one episode that Takanashi is passionate about the Nasuverse, bringing in even the most obscure relics and fan favorites such as Neco-Arc Chaos, Sion, and Caren. Even the denizens of Melty Blood are present!

Going into all the individual segments, easter eggs, and recurring gags would make this a very, very long review, so I'll just leave all those for you to watch for yourself. But some of my personal favorite segments are the Grail-kun, Afterschool Alleyway Alliance, The 5th Seihai Grand Prix, Berserker's First Errand, and of course the omnipresent Seihai-kun. The Badump! Date Plan segment gets an honorable mention simply for being exactly what it sounds like: the protagonists of Fate and Tsukihime trying to create their own respective harems. If you know why that might pose many, many problems and you can realize how absolutely, ridiculously absurd that would be, then this series is definitely for you. Things even get serious in typical Nasu fashion with the episode "Final Dead Lancer". At its core, it is nothing more than a love letter to the Type-Moon universe, and I wouldn't ask for anything more.

Carnival Phantasm is beautifully animated and has one of the catchiest OPs in recent memory. The ED pales in comparison, but still serves as a nice dramatis personae to the Nasuverse. The Tiger Dojo segments are the stuff of legend--you won't believe how good they are till you see them.

You won't find any mollusks or postmodern, unconventional, often maddening writing styles in this series, but this is without a doubt the best and most hilarious take on the Nasuverse since "Platonic Magician H" or "Kaleido Prism Illya". I highly recommend it to anyone.


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