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Released Year : April 5, 1991 to ????

No of Episodes : 1

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Genre : Adventure,Comedy,Fantasy,Sci-Fi,Shounen

Plot : In the blink of an eye, high school student Taku Shimamura finds himself transported to the bizarre world of Slaffleaze, where intelligent creatures govern and the ruling class, led by the villainous Zolba, is plotting the invasion of the world they know as Capricorn, the Earth. Joining together with the oppressed Slaffleaze peasants, Taku must find a way to stop Zolba`s dark forces before the way to the unsuspecting Earth is opened. In order to do so, he must first gain the love and trust of the last of the Yappie, the ancestral guardians of Slaffeaze. This is a task that will take more than a little courage and daring, for the last Yappie is not just a cute young female, she`s also a dragon. (Source: ANN)

Our Review : As soon as the OVA begins, we're directly shown Taku warped to Slaffleaze world a la Escaflowne. We're not even introduced to him beforehand, way to go for main cast characterization. Besides, it's a chronic problem with this format. I found myself not caring at all for characters like Dr. Garetti. This Magikoopa lookalike is so bland I question his legitimacy in the plotline after watching Capricorn. Was he useful ? After all, Taku and Mona simply put infinity anchor out-of-order without his help even if we're told he's the only one able to do it. The supporting cast isn't particularly detestable or likable, they just lack too much screentime for viewers to relate, so fine, they're all cardboard cutouts to say the least. A special mention to Zolba whom reminds me a coolass Dragon Ball villain, too bad he simply suffers the generic evil conqueror syndrome... By the way, his death is only implied. We don't even get a final confrontation between him and the heroes!
Overall, the story is too much generic to not be forgettable. It was rushed with deus-ex machina devices along to make plot advance.

Art wise, it feels like character-designer went to work after a streak of Hayao Miyazaki's Sherlock Holmes episodes (excuse me to channel his name in vain, but it was the first thing popping in my mind while digesting it). It was alike, albeit lifeless and uninspired. Apart of that, main cast design looks dated like a mid-eighties OVA, it's hardly acceptable if you compare it for example with Silent Mobius movie released the same year...
I'm not particularly compelling about animation in general, so I'd say it's pretty decent in my book.

The music, unfortunately, is like the rest: it's your token fantasy score thrown in for good measure. If you ask me to whistle away one song I wouldn't be able to make it. It's a bad sign.

All in all, there are very few redeeming qualities to that title. I liked the mere idea to see squads of hominoid armored dragons in action but without a strong background behind it, I can't help but being only remotely interested.

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